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All 3 kinds of exercise masters!Every season of health, only one article

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##With the alternation of seasons, different sports have their unique charm and health benefits.Today, I want to sh
With the alternation of seasons, different sports have their unique charm and health benefits.Today, I want to share with you some basic knowledge about aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexible training. These are important parts of maintaining a healthy body.We will also explore how to safely perform these movements to reduce the risk of injury.Are you ready?let’s start!
Aerobic exercise, as the name suggests, refers to activities that can increase heart rate and promote oxygen consumption.This type of exercise can strengthen cardiac function, increase lung capacity, and help reduce fat reduction through burning calories.Running, swimming, bicycles, and speed are all popular aerobic forms of the season.

Before starting aerobic exercise, it is essential to do a warm -up of 5 to 10 minutes.This can preheat your muscles and let the heart gradually adapt to the upcoming exercise intensity.Similarly, after the exercise is over, 5 to 10 minutes of cold body can help muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Power training aims to construct muscles by weightlifting or use anti -resistance equipment.Such training can not only shape muscles, but also enhance bone density and improve physical balance.

The key to correct strength training is to master appropriate posture and breathing methods.For example, when you do squats, keep your back straight, and do not exceed your knees than your toes.At the same time, inhale when the movement decreases, and exhales when rising.

Each group of exercises must ensure that there is sufficient weight to make the last two repeated movements difficult, so as to promote muscle growth.Remember that each muscle group can be trained again after at least one day of rest, so that the muscles can be recovered.

Flexible training improves the flexibility of the body by stretching, reducing muscle tension and increasing the scope of joint activity.Yoga and Prapi are ideal choices for strengthening flexibility.

When conducting flexible training, you must slowly enter each stretching action and maintain each position for at least 15 to 30 seconds to achieve the maximum stretching effect.We should not feel pain when stretching, so we must pay attention to obeying the body’s prompts.

Regardless of what type of exercise, safety should always be placed first.Summarize some universal sports security tips:

1. Always warm up and cold to prepare muscle and relieve subsequent tension.

2. Choose the right sports equipment, such as suitable shoes and comfortable clothing.

3. Pay attention to the movement posture, which can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

4. Avoid excessive training.After obeying the body’s signal, if you feel extreme fatigue or pain, take a break.

5. Keep sufficient water and have an appropriate amount of nutritional supply.

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