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May 26, 2024

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Cairo supports Messi: “Mutual love between him and fans!”

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Cairo and Messi, two names that are undoubtedly the loudest presence in the history of soccer, are widely regarded as legends in this field. The old rivals have faced each other many times in the La Liga and their rivalry was once a carnival for soccer fans.

However, the rivalry between the two superstars faded as they grew older and moved to different leagues. In a recent interview, Crowe said that he believes the rivalry between the two is over.

“We used to compete, but now that’s over. It’s actually quite good, the fans really like it.” Crowe said.

Crowe emphasized that his fans shouldn’t hate Messi: “Those who like Crowe don’t have to hate Messi and vice versa. We’ve done well, we’ve changed the history of soccer.”nike air max plus 3 university red

He further said, “The whole world respects us and that’s the most important thing.He goes his own way and I go my own way, whether I play in Europe or elsewhere.”

“From what I’ve seen, he’s done a great job and so have I. His influence will continue to be there, but I don’t think it’s still competition.”

“We’ve been on the field against each other many times, for 15 years now. I wouldn’t say we’re friends, we’ve never shared a meal, but we’re colleagues and we respect each other.”

Cairo supports Messi: “Mutual love between him and fans!”

Both superstars have amassed numerous accolades. One of Cairo and Messi won the Ballon d’Or every year from 2008 to 2017, according to the data.

Messi led Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup and Copa America, while Crowe has won the Europa League and UEFA Europa League with Portugal.

The two superstars have met on the pitch 36 times before, with the last encounter coming in January this year when Messi, who was playing for Paris Saint-Germain, led his team to a 5-4 victory over Crowe’s side.

Both Crowe and Messi are among the greatest players in the history of soccer. Their hard work and dedication have left a lasting impact on the soccer world, and their performances have not only thrilled fans, but also inspired the younger generation of players. Their duel will forever be remembered in the annals of soccer history as a classic chapter in a legendary story.

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