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Cracking difficulties in the development of pension finance

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This year's "Government Work Report" proposes to develop pension finance vigorously; implementing a personal

  This year’s “Government Work Report” proposes to develop pension finance vigorously; implementing a personal pension system across the country and actively developing the third pillar pension insurance.At present, in the context of the aging of the population, it is sustainable to achieve pension services, and it is necessary to give full play to the basic role of pension finance.

  The combination of finance and silver hair economy constitutes pension finance.The development of pension finance is to better meet the diverse pension needs of the people, and bring the people a stronger sense of gain, security, and happiness to the people.Since 2012, relevant departments have introduced a series of policies to promote the development of pension finance, such as “Guiding Opinions on the Accelerated Development of Financial Supporting Pension Service Industry”, “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Personal Pensions”, and “Development of Silverfield Economy and Promoting the Welfare of the ElderlyOpinions “and so on.Under this guidance, the development of my country’s pension finance has initially achieved results, showing a comprehensive and deepening development trend.

  On the one hand, the scale of pension investment has continued to expand.The “China Pension Financial Development Report (2023)” shows that in 2022, the national pension market operation scale was 8.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 58%of the accumulated scale; it is expected to reach 20 trillion yuan in 2030, accounting for 70%EssencePension financial products are increasingly diversified. Data show that at the end of 2023, personal pension products increased to 753, including savings, funds, insurance, wealth management and other products.

  On the other hand, the investment and financing of the pension industry is becoming increasingly diversified, such as loans, bonds, PPP models, industrial funds, equity funds, etc.Overseas investment and financing also gradually increased, such as the American, Australia, Japan, France and other national elderly enterprises have gradually entered my country’s market in the form of cooperation and solely, which played an important role in expanding industrial financing, improving service quality, and increasing product supply.

  However, it is necessary to be soberly realized that my country’s pension finance is still in the early stages of development, and there are still problems such as incomplete design of pension financial mechanisms, low asset management capabilities, and inadequate development.In this regard, we need to take multiple measures to solve difficulties, improve problems, and improve the level of development.

  Do a good job of coordination and construction of pilot pillars.Based on the account system, increase policy support, promote the diversified development of pension investment, publicize the role and importance of each pillar in the pension system, further guide the masses to participateAnd the rapid development of personal pensions.Establish a specialized institution to help the development of pension finance to ensure the timely and effective implementation of various policies.

  Guide innovative pension financial products such as financial institutions.For the elderly of different ages, develop different pension financial products, and expand the investment scope of enterprises and occupational annuities.With policy support, the quality of life of the elderly will be improved in the implementation of the policy of the elderly, enhance the confidence of the elderly to purchase pension financial products, and create an elderly -centered pension financial service system.

  Kung fu of effective demand.Strengthen the adjustment of the fair mechanism in all aspects of all aspects, gradually increase the elderly group’s pension wealth reserves, and improve the spending capacity of elderly groups for pension financial products.Strengthen the guidance of the pension planning of the people, further enhance their awareness of their pension reserves, enhance their pension financial literacy, and stimulate their enthusiasm for purchasing products and services.

  Formulate a comprehensive pension industry policy to promote the development of the pension industry with medical care and health care.Give relevant enterprises with various financing policies, improve the social financing level of the pension industry, and reduce the market risks of the development of the pension industry.In addition, based on the particularity of the pension industry, investors are expected to guide and establish the concept of value investment.

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