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June 20, 2024

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Danjiangkou Education Bureau: Go all out to promote the high -quality development of education in education

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Field research.Correspondent drawingField research.Correspondent drawingField research.Correspondent (Hubei Daily) News (C
Field research.Correspondent drawing
Field research.Correspondent drawing
Field research.Correspondent drawing (Hubei Daily) News (Correspondent Ma Yingying) “At noon rice, three dishes and one soup, and big chicken legs, we can eat well before eating.” In nine years in Guanshan Town, DanjiangkouThe cafeteria of the consistent school, the party secretary and director of the city’s education bureau, and Kong Fusheng happily communicated with the students.
On April 24th, Kong Fusheng, secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Education Bureau of Danjiangkou City, led the person in charge of the relevant stock office.School -made schools, Langhe Middle School, Langhe Elementary School and other schools to investigate the development of school education and school infrastructure construction on the spot.
Confucius in detail the construction of teaching buildings, student apartments, canteens, playgrounds, campus security, landslides around the campus, and seriously listened to the school’s person in charge of the school’s person in charge of running schools, infrastructure construction, development planning, and existing in running schools.Reports such as problems and other situations, we focus on understanding the progress of the school’s newly -built or expanded projects and the implementation of the construction of the project, and conducts research and deployment of outstanding problems and difficulties in some schools on outstanding problems and difficulties in the aspects of quality improvement, school construction, and layout planning.
Kong Pingsheng emphasized that the school should keep safety, grasp quality, and manage the team.It is necessary to further improve the infrastructure function, optimize the campus layout, and strive for multiple solutions; based on the actual creation of the brand, and strive to improve the quality of Lideshu people; study the new curriculum standards, aim at the new middle school entrance examination policy, use good efforts, use good efforts, and use good efforts.Open a new situation for the environment and high -quality development of Danjiangkou City’s business environment and high -quality education.
In recent years, the Education Bureau of Danjiangkou City has accelerated the construction of a growth education evaluation system, optimized the layout of the school network, strengthened the balanced development of education, adhered to the party building leaders, focused on cultivating outstanding talents, and established an excellent education team with scientific division of labor, institutional management, and long -term successful education teams., Create a “three excellent” teacher team with excellent politics, excellent abilities, and strong style.Go all out to promote the high -quality development of education in the city.
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