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May 26, 2024

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Dr. Ami Bera Israelis and Palestinians have rights.

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Senior Indian-origin U.S. Congressman Dr. Ami Bera on Friday said both Israel and Palestinians have rights and called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“I strongly believe that Israel has the right to exist and to defend itself, but innocent Palestinians also have the right to live in peace and dignity,” Bera said in a video message.

Dr. Ami Bera Israelis and Palestinians have rights.

“I hope that one day Israelis and Palestinians will be able to live together in peace. I don’t know if this is an impossible dream. But I know that if innocent Israelis are killed and innocent Palestinians are killed, this dream will never be realized. He said.

Beira said, “We need an immediate pause in order to provide the humanitarian aid, food, water and medicine needed for civilians in distress. Then we need to find a different way forward.

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