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May 24, 2024

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[Environmental Sanitation Remediation] All units of teachers and cities continue to carry out environmental hygiene remediation activities

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148 regimentRecently, the Eighth Division 148 combined the reality of the group field to seize the c

148 regiment

Recently, the Eighth Division 148 combined the reality of the group field to seize the current favorable opportunity and set off a wave of the spring -people living environment.

On March 24, the group teams organized their power and manpower in accordance with the “Wuqing Sanhua and One Reform” work required by the party committee of the group, focusing on cleaning up the team’s sanitary dead corners, garbage spots, and forest belt remnants.At the same time, organize personnel to transport lime salt to make a good task breakdown, and prepare for the next step of forests and road forest renovation.(Correspondent Shao Zhenmei)

Development Zone Urban Management Squadron

Recently, the Squadron of the Development Zone of Shihezi City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment focused on the prominent problems of urban management, and took multiple measures to carry out a comprehensive remediation action of the city and environmental sanitation.

At the scene, the staff in accordance with the principles of the pioneer roads, key areas, and the principles of latter roads and branches, focusing on acts of mobile stalls, off -store operations, outdoor advertisements, random parking, and slag road roads.Governance.

This operation cleared more than 10 flow stalls, cleaned more than 30 chaotic debris, standardized more than 20 places outside the store, standardized more than 50 vehicles for parking, and cleaned more than 20 places for banner advertisements.In the next step, the development zone squadron will continue to strengthen the management of city appearance and city appearance in the jurisdiction, strengthen the inspection mechanism, and ensure that the municipal and environmental sanitation rectification actions will not relax and the problem will not rebound.(Correspondent Nanhai)

Urban Investment Group Property Branch

In the past few days, Shihezi City Investment Group Property Branch has actively carried out spring environmental sanitation.

During the work, the company took the leadership of party building as the starting point, promoted the creation of red property, exerted the function of “red”, and paid close attention to the effectiveness of “governing”.Disciplinary inspection supervised the whole process, and the party members took the lead.Focus on the area, carry out debris cleanup, destructive maintenance of building roads, greening renovation, lighting and maintenance.Property staff cleaned and rectified the sanitary dead corners and construction waste in the community.WillSanitation equipment such as trash cans, peels, garbage trucks and other sanitation equipment are wiped and cleaned up to achieve surface -free, sputum -free, dust -free, small advertisements, and no garbage in the ground around the garbage container.

The company will focus on the details of rectification, form a long -term mechanism of “looking back”, integrate party building into property service management, and normalize the environmental sanitation of key areas. At the same time, it will guide residents to take care of public health and promote the upgrading of the community environment.(Correspondent Xie Jiaxiang Yang Qingyan)

Tianye Tianwei Chemical Factory

In the past few days, the Tianye Tianwei Factory has organized employees to carry out the special rectification operation of “clean environment and beautifying the plant”.

Based on the principles of “all employees and overall coverage”, the operation was concentrated in the factory area roads, operating rooms, greening areas, publicity of cultural positions, logo signs, garbage collection points, and parking areas.During the event, the company took the “Lei Fengyue” activity as an opportunity. The party branches were the operating unit, calling on party members and youths to focus on key areas, set tasks and lists, break through the weak links one by one, and covered fine work.

In recent years, the Tianweihua Factory has carried out inspections and mutual inspections on a regular basis, so that employees can understand the importance and urgency of environmental protection in ideology, actively participate in environmental and ecological governance, and establish a good sense of ecological civilization.(Correspondent Wang Yuxuan)

Old Street Street 11-2 Community

Recently, Shihezi CityThe staff of the 11-2 community organization of Old Street Street concentrated on the “tree hanging” garbage on both sides of the sides of the main roads in the area under the jurisdiction.

During the cleanup, the staff used the bamboo poles to hook the garbage from the tree one by one. Some plastic bags and other garbage were difficult to clean up due to the high suspension and difficulties.forTo prevent the dead branches from falling out of injury, the staff evacuated the surrounding pedestrians.

In the next step, the community will continue to increase the efforts to clean up the high -altitude “tree hanging”, to find the first time to discover the “tree hanging” garbage, clean up the first time, and create a clean and neat living environment for residents.(Correspondent Gulinaer Mafaquan)


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