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Event: The Gulf War Ends – Liberating Kuwait

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Introduction:In February 1991, the world watched with bated breath as the Gulf War came to a dramatic conclusion, marking the end of months of inten


Event: The Gulf War Ends - Liberating Kuwait

In February 1991, the world watched with bated breath as the Gulf War came to a dramatic conclusion, marking the end of months of intense conflict and the liberation of Kuwait. The war, which started in August 1990 with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, had caused widespread fear and instability in the Middle East and beyond. But after almost seven months of relentless military operations and diplomatic negotiations, a significant turning point was reached, paving the way for the restoration of peace and the ultimate defeat of the Iraqi forces.

Detailed description:

The decisive event that signaled the end of the Gulf War occurred in February 1991, as a massive coalition force, led by the United States, launched a ground offensive that would force the Iraqi army to retreat. Operation Desert Storm, as it was codenamed, aimed at liberating Kuwait from the Iraqi invaders.

In the early hours of February 24th, a cacophony of artillery fire and fighter jet roars echoed through the Kuwaiti desert as the coalition’s ground troops advanced towards their designated targets. Tanks rumbled across the sand dunes, while infantry units moved stealthily through the darkness, guided by night vision goggles. The ferocity and precision of the operation were meant to overwhelm the Iraqi forces and liberate Kuwait from the clutches of Saddam Hussein.

As the days unfolded, the coalition troops faced fierce resistance from heavily fortified Iraqi positions. The battle was grueling, and both sides exchanged heavy casualties. But the coalition forces gradually gained ground, pushing the Iraqi army back towards the border with Iraq.

On February 26th, after intense combat, the coalition troops successfully breached the heavily defended Iraqi defensive line known as the “Saddam Line.” The Iraqi soldiers, now severely weakened and demoralized, were forced to retreat further, leaving behind a trail of destroyed tanks, burned-out vehicles, and abandoned weaponry.

By the end of the month, the coalition forces completely liberated Kuwait. On February 28th, a ceasefire was declared, marking the official end of the Gulf War. The victory was a testament to the multinational effort and the immense military capabilities of the coalition. Saddam Hussein’s audacious attempt to annex Kuwait had been thwarted, and regional stability restored.

The Gulf War left a lasting impact globally, as it showcased the power and effectiveness of international cooperation in combating aggression. It also highlighted the importance of diplomacy and swift military action in maintaining peace and security. The event of February 1991 remains a significant milestone in history, serving as a reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts and protecting sovereign nations from unwarranted invasions.

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