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Fashionable and vibrant young faction 丨 "grass" culture: new trend of consumption of young people

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□ Zibo Daily/Zibo Evening News/Expo NewsReporter Zhou Jiannan"Planting grass" refers to the excellent quality of sharing a certain product to stim

□ Zibo Daily/Zibo Evening News/Expo News

Reporter Zhou Jiannan

“Planting grass” refers to the excellent quality of sharing a certain product to stimulate others to buy the desire to buy.In recent years, the “grass” culture has quietly risen among young groups, becoming a new consumption trend.Through social platforms, short videos, live broadcasts, young people share their shopping experience and recommend high -quality products, thereby stimulating each other’s desire for consumption.This phenomenon not only changed the shopping habits of young people, but also injected new vitality into the consumer market.

“Every time I see some products recommended by the blogger, I am very exciting and want to buy it. Whether it is from the live broadcast room to explain the anchor of the goods or the blogger from the Xiaohongshu, I buy it like a demonBuy. “Ms. Xiao, citizen, told reporters.She showed reporters to her Xiaohongshu collection clip, which was wearing and cosmetics and jewelry. “I don’t know what’s going on. When I turn on the phoneI want to try a message in the comment area. “Ms. Xiao said.

Friends get dinner, go to the public comments and search for recommendation; buy cosmetics, turn over the small red book notes; start electronic products, open Zhihu to see the suggestions of professionals … Today, “grass” is affecting the consumption habits of more and more people.Major e -commerce platforms have also joined, and the consumption of “planting grass” is full of wind.

“I opened my own account on Xiaohongshu, and there were a lot of fans. I often share my daily and wear.” Xiaohongshu blogger Azhen told reporters that walking on the street and seeing others’ dressingShe will pay attention to chatting with her friends, she will also share her experience with each other.She said that today, “grass” has existed widely on social media. People are sought after by others by sharing their experience. If there are more “fans”, they will also establish a “fan” group.Discussion and recommendation.

The “grass” culture makes young people pay more attention to the quality and cost -effectiveness of goods.They will take the initiative to understand product information before shopping, and refer to the evaluation and recommendation of others, thereby avoiding blind consumption.In this trend, more and more brands have begun to pay attention to product quality and word -of -mouth marketing to meet the needs of young consumers.

Ms. Hao, who often shops through social platforms and shopping platforms, told reporters that when watching the live broadcast, I feel good -looking clothes. It is not necessary to buy it on myself.On one side.She also said that “grass” may cause impulse consumption, and I hope everyone still needs to shop rationally.Although “planting grass” is good, you can find a lot of good things, but some products still make judgments according to actual needs, so as to avoid blind consumption and truly buy products that suits you.

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