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May 24, 2024

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Health is accompanied by love without hindrance to free health examination

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Huasheng Online News (Correspondent Tao Zi) In order to further meet the health needs of students and improve the health quality of the disabled stu
Huasheng Online News (Correspondent Tao Zi) In order to further meet the health needs of students and improve the health quality of the disabled students, recently, Chunhua Town, Chunhua Town, Changsha County, and Chunhua Health Hospital at the Huining Center for Mental Rehabilitation Center in Changsha County., Better guarantee the health of people with disabilities.
There are mainly the following projects: general examinations (blood pressure, weight, height), blood routine, urine routine, abdominal ultrasound, blood sugar and blood lipids, liver and kidney function, surgery, ophthalmology examination and other aspects.Disabled students’ physical health, timely and preventing various diseases.
At the medical examination site, the disabled students conducted various inspections in an orderly manner under the guidance of the Chunhua Town Volunteer Service Team and medical staff.The doctor patiently asked the medical history, carefully checked the body, and gave health guidance and suggestions for the special circumstances of the disabled students.
The person in charge of the center said: This health check -up activity not only provided real health services for people with disabled, but also further enhanced their health awareness and improved their quality of life.
The relevant person in charge of the Chunhua Town Government of Changsha County said that this time the existing medical resources of the territorial toilet hospital can be given to the disabled people who can enjoy a professional health inspection without leaving home, so that people with disabled people will understand their own conditions in a timely manner.Sexual prevention allows them to live well with a positive attitude and better integrate into society.
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