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May 26, 2024

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Humanity Launches AI Pin: Displayless Artificial Intelligence Assistant

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A Silicon Valley company called Humane has unveiled its first product, the AI Pin.The new device is a rectangular gadget complete with a miniature projector, camera, speaker and battery.

The idea behind the AI Pin is to minimize technological clutter, so much so that the device doesn’t even have a built-in display. Earlier this year, the company’s co-founder Imran Chaudhri said at Ted Talk that the future of technology “won’t be in front of you.”

To realize this vision, AI Pin uses a miniature projector and a powerful AI assistant. Users can interact with the device through voice commands, gestures, and a laser projection system.Pin projects its interface onto the user’s hand, which can then be controlled through gestures or voice commands. The projection system can only display a monochrome interface or a monochrome image.

Virtual assistants play an important role in the new device. pin Graph’s virtual assistant, powered by technology from OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, and leveraging Microsoft’s cloud computing capabilities, can help users compose messages with their voice. It also offers a “Catch Me Up” feature that scans your emails and summarizes them for you. The device can also translate languages like a live interpreter.

Humanity Launches AI Pin: Displayless Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Pin chart comes with a camera that allows you to click on pictures. Users need to double tap the AI pin with two fingers to click on the image. However, you can’t preview the picture frame like you can on your smartphone. The camera can also be used to scan food and other objects. According to Humane, the Pin will be able to detect the nutritional content of food using computer vision.

The Birth of Humane Inc.

Humane Inc. was founded by former Apple employees who worked on the iPhone. It is one of many companies in Silicon Valley trying to create the next big consumer device. However, Humane made it clear that they were not interested in the mixed reality headsets being developed by companies like Apple and Meta Platforms. Instead, Humane’s co-founder and president, Imran Chaudhri, said during a demonstration of their product, the Ai Pin, that they don’t believe in future technology that can be worn on the face.

Chaudhri said in a statement that Ai Pin represents their goal of integrating AI into everyday life, empowering us without stripping us of our humanity. He said, “Ai Pin embodies our vision of integrating AI into everyday life, empowering us without obscuring our humanity.

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