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May 24, 2024

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I want to jog with my husband and always refuse. The wife opened the exercise app and found that her husband met a colleague.

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A 29 -year -old woman in Virginia, USA was suddenly requested by her husband's "temporary separation" for 4 years in November last year.Open the o

A 29 -year -old woman in Virginia, USA was suddenly requested by her husband’s “temporary separation” for 4 years in November last year.Open the opponent’s usual use of sports applications to compare the running route. I accidentally found that her husband and a female colleague had an affair evidence. She uploaded this period of experience to the social platform, which caused many netizens to discuss.

The 29 -year -old Megan McGee released a film recently in Tiktok. She suddenly received a “temporary separation” request for the 4 years of marriage in November last November.Open the old and fair use of sports applications Strava. Observation finds that the husband’s jogging route always stays or ends in the same address. It is found that it is the residence of her husband and female colleague.

APP will record the route

▲ The jogging mobile app will record the routeEssence

Magen Maggig said that the Starva application has a sports record sharing function. She and her husband followed each other’s account to find that the jogging route was different. When the ex -husband returned home from the army, she often went out to jog alone. She proposed to run together., But the other party refused for reasons such as “the route will run far” or “you run too slowly”.

Meghan Maggi said, “I used to feel that my husband and the female colleague had a strange relationship. Seeing the jogging route confirmed my doubts, her house was only about half miles (about 800 meters) from our residence.”

Meghan Maggie revealed to the New York Post and chose to divorce the soldier’s husband. She emphasized that “women should believe in her intuition and believe that they can find happiness after falling in love!”

After the film was exposed, many netizens discussed, and some netizens shared their similar experiences. Some people said, “I found my boyfriend’s affair with Airbnb, and a landlord commented to praise her boyfriend and Martha is really a good tenant, but I am not called Martha”, “I also discovered an affair in the exercise app “,” I found an affair in Netflix, because someone was watching “Gossip Girl” “and” I found my boyfriend affair with the grocery store app because he bought a lot of branches near the home in the home.No products “.”

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