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In the past, "pain points of homework" became "highlights of education" today

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Dingxi City, Gansu Province explores the establishment of a diversified operation system to reduce the burden
Dingxi City, Gansu Province explores the establishment of a diversified operation system to reduce the burden on students -the “pain points of the operation” in the past became “education highlights”
“Now, the homework after class has become less and basically completed in the school. There are more time reading and doing what you like.” Speaking of the feelings and changes in the school, the third grade of Futai Primary School in Dingxi District, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, Gansu ProvinceStudent Hao Haojie told reporters without thinking that he is also a member of the school drama community. He liked Qin Qiang since he was a child. He not only found his own interest in school, but also became more and more motivated to learn.
Today, such changes are not an example in the stability area.This is due to the introduction of the “double reduction” policy in recent years, and the “melting” mechanism of the operation and establishment of the establishment of the Anding District has been discovered. At the same time, the students’ burdens are reduced. At the same time, the forms and effects of teachers have quietly changed.Especially with the decrease in the amount of homework and the diversification of after -school services, students have more time and opportunities to get close to their dreams, and truly realize healthy and happy growth.
Homework has always been the target of “double reduction”.On the basis of many years of reform, the stable area has established a “melting” mechanism that does not write operations to write operations, forcing the school to strengthen measures and improve the evaluation methods, so as to strictly control the total amount of operations, strictly control the operation, improve operations, improve operations.Accuracy.At the same time, according to the characteristics of the semester, academic conditions and disciplines, it is suitable for people, scientifically and reasonably arrange homework, promote the diversification and layered operation of operations, and accurately and effectively play the role of work.
How to improve the management level and design quality of the school?Li Yahong, a second -year mathematics teacher in Futai Elementary School, introduced that the mathematics teaching and research team prepares the assignment design while preparing lessons. According to the students, designing classroom homework according to the students’ situation can complete the test.After class service time, consolidate the study of classrooms according to the class content of the day, and strengthen academic counseling.In the evening, students are mainly based on students’ interests, and appropriately choose operating practical homework. “For example, I will arrange to find a job such as‘ math in life ’, encourage students to read more books and prevent electronic products.”
The Xichuan Branch of the Park Road Primary School is located in the Joint Department of the Urban Suburban. It is a primary school that the Anding District Party Committee and the district government to optimize the layout of school schools and alleviate the construction of school pressure.At present, the school has only one or two or two grades.The reporter saw a “how long pencil is” and “how long is 1 kilometer”., Cultivate students’ intuitive feelings for length units.
According to the characteristics of the discipline and the teachings, age, and age of teachers, the school explores the management model of “layered dynamic management and highlighting the characteristics of disciplines”, while the work layout highlights the layered design, focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing.Two types of assignments in categories B are arranged.”For example, mathematics teachers take turns to optimize design cases every week. Each semester is 3 sections of each person. The content of the work is required to present fun, diversity, and operability, so that students with different levels of development have grown.”Zhang Tao, the vice president of the school, introduced that the school implemented stratified operations and effectively achieved the goal of reducing burden, efficiency, and quality improvement.At the same time, exploring the implementation of centralized theme classes, centralized reading lessons, etc., effectively alleviating the burden of teachers and inspiring work enthusiasm.
In order to further compact responsibilities, the Education Bureau of the Stability District Education establishes a daily inspection system for school operation management, and linked the management of operations with school and personal evaluation, annual assessment and promotion of professional titles.At the same time, the operation management is listed as an important part of standardizing the inspection of school -run behavior and the daily supervision of responsibility to supervise; each school also incorporates the design situation of the operation into the evaluation and evaluation of teachers’ professional literacy and teaching performance, which effectively improves the color and color of the “dual reduction” work and the color and color of the work andEffective.
On this basis, the Anding District actively explores the implementation of innovative teaching and research methods. By establishing a disciplinary education and research base, creating a regional teaching and research team, forming a discipline and research pattern of chess in the region, and promoting high -quality education and development.”The core of the burden reduction is the classroom. We strive to refine the teaching skills of teachers, take the quality of the 40 -minute classroom teaching, strengthen the standardization of classroom teaching, and improve the effect of the curriculum.” Said Cao Guiren, president of Guanchuan Elementary School.
“Double reduction” landing, after -class service is even more “blooming”.Programming, robots and other types of science and technology courses are wonderful. Various music and tenderness such as opera and chorus are melodious and gentle. On the playground, various sports such as basketball, football, table tennis are in full swing … Every afternoon, the campus in the stakuary district is lively.Rich special courses and colorful community activities have formed a good situation of “schools have characteristics, specialties, and everyone have projects”.
In recent years, Futai Primary School has deeply tapped regional cultural characteristics. The school has established a “opera society”, hired local opera experts as part -time teachers, regularly held drama knowledge lectures, and taught drama skills.Study by full -time teachers in charge of dragon dance and lion wake -up courses.Coincidentally, Zhonghua Road Elementary School hired Longzhong and small songs and paper -cut non -genetic inheritors as part -time teachers to vigorously promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture, which has been favored by teachers and students.
Whether it is exploring the establishment of a “fuse” mechanism for operation, constructing a high -quality and diversified operating system, or optimizing the level of service after class.The “double reduction” work goes deeply and implemented.”We will continue to promote the” double reduction “work to promote the comprehensive development of students. At the same time, we will be strongly standardized to standardize the running behavior of running schools, improve the effectiveness of fine management, leverage the comprehensive reform of education, create a good education ecology, and promote the high -quality development of education in the region.”Song Yuyu said.(Yin Xiaojun)
“China Education News”, April 15, 2024, 3rd edition
Source: China Education News
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