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May 26, 2024

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Justin Marshall Breaks Half-Hundred Record in Rams Debut

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Justin Marshall rushed the ball for over 100 yards for the first time Saturday night against San Diego State, breaking a 49-year-old record held by Ron Harris.

Marshall’s name came as a surprise on the field Saturday, as he was not expected to play this season. However, with the unfortunate injuries the Rams have had this year, Marshall is ready to step up when needed.

“Coach got me ready,” Marshall said.” I’m mentally compensated in practice, and the coaches rotate me in and out of practice to make sure I’m ready to compete at all times.”

Transitioning from high school football to college football is a challenge that first-year players like Marshall have to work hard to adapt to. Marshall credits running backs coach Jeremy Moses with preparing him for this historic performance.

Justin Marshall Breaks Half-Hundred Record in Rams Debut

“Moses gave me some draw identification cards,” Marshall said.” I wrote down the plays so I could memorize them.

Marshall’s preparation, talent and Moses’ guidance did not go unnoticed. Coach Jay Norvell recognizes Marshall’s potential as a key contributor to the Rams’ running game, especially as they push for a 13th game.

“I think he has a lot to offer,” Norvell said.” He ran for over 100 yards and had some really big runs for us, and I think you’re going to see a lot of Justin this week.”

The Rams’ offensive line has played a vital role in Marshall’s success. All five starting offensive linemen remain healthy, a rarity among college football teams. Their continuity played a vital role in the Rams’ running game on Saturday.

“It was good to see them stop the game,” Marshall said.” And then you have to hit openings and make people miss.

Marshall’s ability to elude defenses makes him a valuable asset to Moses and the coaching staff. His agility, versatility and breakaway ability shine in his game, and Moses believes Marshall will continue to develop into a well-rounded player.

“On the recruiting side of the ball,” said Moses, “we saw his versatility, explosiveness and twitch in space.” But we also saw his ability to create space for himself through tough contact, which is usually the mark of a good defender.”

Marshall, a three-star recruit from Merrillville, Indiana, received a lot of attention during his senior year and earned offers from several Division I conferences, including Indiana, Nebraska and Purdue. Despite those options, Marshall was convinced that Colorado State was the best fit for him.

“I just wanted to be away from home and they liked me,” Marshall said.

His teammates and coaches feel the same way. Marshall’s dedication on and off the field makes him a valuable member of the Rams. Academics are a top priority for Colorado State athletics, and Marshall is grateful for the support the school has provided for his academic success.

“The support here has been great,” Marshall said.” They made sure I was able to do well.

Marshall’s first season gave us a glimpse of the star he is about to become, not only as a running back, but as a well-rounded soccer player.

“One of the keys to our recruiting,” Moses said, “is the all-around back.” Yes, they can carry the ball, but what else can they do? Can they play special teams? Can they rush down and beat you? Can they start blitzes? He shows versatility in the movie, lining up receivers in the slot machine, catching stick routes, making a guy fumble, and then running 50 yards with the ball …… So the movie flashes a lot of those things, and then to see him in a game and know that he’s not just a linebacker, he’s a complete soccer player.

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