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Le Health | Soup is more nutritious than meat?Taking antihypertensive drugs often make blood vessels brittle?Interpret the truth of 10 rumors

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The higher the "price" of the HPV vaccine, the better the prevention effect?MSG is harmful and carcinogen?Wil
The higher the “price” of the HPV vaccine, the better the prevention effect?MSG is harmful and carcinogen?Will people who love to laugh?On April 14, the special program of “Praise • Popular Science China” was broadcast, “For the People • Innovation • Enlightenment -Science Popularization China in Action”, and the truth of 10 rumors interpreted the annual scientific rumor list.
The higher the number of HPV vaccines, the better the prevention effect
Interpretation of the truth: “Price” is the type of HPV.Although the second -price vaccine is only for HPV infection of type 16 and 18, research has shown that 70%of cervical cancer is related to these two viruses.Therefore, the protection provided by the two -valent vaccine for cervical cancer is equivalent to the four -valent and nine -valent vaccine.
Fer milk has mold, and eating will cause cancer
Truth interpretation: Normal consumption will not cause cancer.In the process of making, milk is indeed required to be fermented by mold. Among them, Muscot is the main, and it also includes a small amount of yeast, mold, and green mold. However, these are the beneficial edible fungi that are strictly selected and will not produce carcinogens.However, milk is high in salt, and it is recommended not to take too much intake.
Electronic cigarettes are not harmful
Truth interpretation: The main ingredients of most electronic cigarettes are nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerin.Nicotine is addictive. During the heating process, the smoke liquid will produce formaldehyde, nitrosamines, benzene and other carcinogens. These substances have a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory system.Formation of occlusion fine -tacor bronchitis.Nicotine electronic cigarettes will also harm the human cardiovascular system, immune system and blood system.
Blood drawing will reduce human immunity
Interpretation of the truth: The main cells that constitute the human immunity are white blood cells, and the proportion of red blood cells in the blood is much larger than white blood cells.Under normal circumstances, 200-400 ml of blood drawing will lose 1%-2%of the total number of white blood cells in the human body, and within 1-2 hours, the white blood cells in the human body will return to the original number.
MSG is a chemical product, which is harmful and carcinogenic
Truth interpretation: MSG’s main component is sodium glutamate, not toxic substances.At present, MSG mostly uses microorganisms to ferment.When sodium glutamate is heated to more than 120 degrees Celsius, it may produce sodium caramel. Sodium scutopate is not carcinogenic. Too high temperature will only cause it to lose its umami flavor.The assessment of the World Health Organization shows that MSG is safe within the scope of normal consumption.
Take antihypertensive drugs often make blood vessels brittle
Interpretation of the truth: The “real murderer” that really makes blood vessels thin and thin is hypertension, not a drug.The so -called blood vessels are crispy, which is arteriosclerosis.Long -term hypertension is not controlled, and arteriosclerosis will also aggravate arteriosclerosis.Anti -suppressing drugs will not only damage the vascular cause brittleness, but also some antihypertensive drugs can prevent arteriosclerosis and protect blood vessels and hearts.
“Acidic constitution” is more likely to cause disease
Interpretation of the truth: There is no concept of “acidic constitution” and “alkaline constitution” in modern medicine.Different parts of the human body are different, and it is not acidic or alkaline to evaluate human physique.At the same time, no matter what you eat, it will not affect the pH value of the body.
Tang is more nutritious than meat
Interpretation of the truth: During the soup process, some proteins in the meat and bones have hydrolyzed, and some amino acids will be released. Some of them and part of the iconic acid in the raw materials enter the soup.Some amino acids will make umami and enhance the flavor of the soup.However, the taste does not mean nutritional. Even if it is cooked for more than two hours, most of the protein in the food still stays in the meat, not dissolved in the water.Therefore, you should also eat meat when drinking soup. Be careful not to eat or drink meat or soup with more fat and too greasy.
People who love to laugh will not have depression
Interpretation of the truth: There is a type of “smile depression” in depression. In addition to the sensitivity and inferiority of patients with general depression, patients with patients usually have personal perfectionism and acting personality disorders.Therefore, it is not possible to judge whether it will have depression with the personality of people.
Eating tofu often can cause kidney stones
Interpretation of the truth: Tofu has little impact on the condition of kidney stones. Materials related to stones in soybeans are mainly purine, calcium and oxalic acid.After soybeaning and other processing steps, many purines will be removed and the content of oxalic acid will be reduced.The content of oxalic acid in tofu is low. Eating tofu in moderation in patients with stones will not aggravate the disease. Healthy people do not have to worry about eating tofu will cause stones.(Henan Disease Control)
Focus on Beijing Tsinghua Chang Geng Hospital to set up the “Qingai Book Corner”
Beijing Tsinghua Chang Geng Hospital launched the “Qing Ai Book Corner” on April 22, which was launched simultaneously in the two areas of the infusion area and ward of the pediatric outpatient outpatient. Thousands of new books were converted into pediatrics and entered the ward.Serve.
Focus on research found that eating less can delay aging
According to the Health Times, in January 2024, a study published in the journal of Nature • Genetics found a key part of dietary restrictions on the cytology mechanism -MTD/OXR1 gene that can extend life and protect the brain.Specifically, under the conditions of diet, MTD/OXR1 can maintain reverse transcription enzymes to protect neurofence and delay brain aging.
Researchers also emphasized another point: “Diet will affect all processes in the human body.”Therefore, as long as you work hard to adhere to the way of healthy diet, your body will not “disappoint” you, and this impact will be greater than you imagine.In summary, eating less is indeed healthier, longer and better.
Issue 469, Workers’ Daily Client “Le Health”
Source: Workers Daily Client Workers Daily Reporter Ji Wei
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