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May 24, 2024

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Li Ning "to be the best sporting goods brand in China"

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On March 20, Li Ning Co., Ltd. officially announced the annual comprehensive performance of the grou

On March 20, Li Ning Co., Ltd. officially announced the annual comprehensive performance of the group as of December 31, 2023.

Data show that the Group’s revenue in 2023 reached RMB 27.598 billion, an increase of 7.0%from the same period in 2022; gross profit increased by 6.9%from 12.485 billion yuan in the same period in 2022 to 13.352 billion yuan.

At the first Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit about a month ago, 61 -year -old Li Ning revealed the long -term goal of “being the best sports product brand in China”.

This comprehensive performance report in 2023 reveals his source of confidence.

Li Ning running shoe series style.

“Single brand, multi -product, multi -channel” bring performance growth

One month ago, Mr. Li Ning appeared in the first Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit in Macau, and talked with Yao Ming in a conversation with some experiences and ideas from athletes to businessmen.

At that time, he revealed that the core strategic idea of Li Ning Group was “single brand, multi -product, multi -channel”.

“There are many brands doing sports and sports brands today. Among the many sports brands, many of them are deeply cultivating a single sports product category, and what Li Ning brand has to do is multi -category and multi -sports categories.” Mr. Li Ning is inIt was revealed at this sports summit.

In fact, he set a goal for the company 10 years ago. He hoped that the group would enter the core sports categories such as basketball, running, badminton, table tennis, etc., and it was also the most popular categories of sports.The clear strategic positioning will help enterprises through difficulties and help companies find directions. ”

Li Ning has cooperated with the CBA for 12 years.

It is not difficult to see from the performance data of Li Ning Group in 2023 that such a core strategy does help Li Ning closer to the goal step by step at the market level.

According to performance data, in 2023, Li Ning Group’s revenue increased by 7%to 27.598 billion yuan.Compared with 2019, Li Ning Group’s income achieved doubled in five years, with a compound annual growth rate of 15%.

In the case of intensified competitive environment, in 2023, the gross profit of the Group increased by 6.9%from 12.485 billion yuan in the same period in 2022 to 13.352 billion yuan, and the gross profit margin remained stable at 48.4%.Among them, the gross profit margin of 2023 improved year -on -year.

From the perspective of categories, the proportion of running water in the three core professional sports products of basketball, running, and fitness accounted for 64%, of which running and fitness category performed outstandingly, and the flowing water increased by 40%and 25%, respectively.

From the perspective of channel distribution, direct revenue increased by 29%, and the annual wholesale flow was 10%-20%of the low segment growth; from the perspective of the income of shoes, uniforms, and accessories, thanks to the strategic deep cultivation of professional categories, technology, technologyThe proportion of shoe business with higher content is 49%, which is higher than the clothing business; Li Ning Young children’s clothing sector also shows huge potential, and the flowing water increases by 30%-40%.

Relevant sources of Li Ning Group told the surging news reporter that the performance growth brought by the “single brand, multi -product, multi -channel” strategy will allow them to strengthen their core market advantages represented by basketball, running, and sports.Segment the market, especially in the future, attach importance to the investment in women’s and youth movement.

Stand with the heel on professional and technology

In Li Ning’s 2023 performance report, in addition to the performance growth data, another thing that attracted attention was Li Ning Group’s investment in research and development.

Data show that in 2023, Li Ning’s investment in research and development increased by 16%year -on -year.For a sports brand, such investment proportion is considerable.Not only that, in the past 10 years, the total investment in Li Ning’s single brand has exceeded 3 billion yuan.

In 10 years, “burning” 3 billion yuan, in exchange for Li Ning’s sports products gradually occupied a place in scientific and technological performance.

According to reports from relevant domestic media, in 2023, Li Ning’s scientific and technological achievements have been upgraded again. The newly released “carbon nuclear core” assistance system and GCU ground control system harvested professional recognition.

In February 2024, the Li Ning carbon nuclear core aid system won the German IF design award in 2024.

Li Ning helps Chinese youth basketball for development.

In the 12 years of cooperating with CBA, Li Ning Group has continuously iterated basketball shoes technology. Today, it has become the equipment choice of more than 1,160 professional players, and has provided more than 47,650 pairs of shoes in more than 5020 top events.

In the field of running, in 2023, the Li Ningfei series helped elite athletes at home and abroad to achieve a total of 103 championships and 194 times.

According to the Yue Running Circle data, in 2023, the 6 most representative marathon events in China (Wuxi Marathon, Xiamen Marathon, Beijing Marathon, Shanghai Marathon, Guangzhou Marathon, Hangzhou Marathon), the number of men and women on the list, the number of men and women on the list,Li Ning ranked first with 29 times.

It is precisely because of the strategic focus on sports technology that Li Ning Group accounted for 49%of the shoe business revenue with higher scientific and technological content in 2023, maintaining more than the proportion of clothing business.

According to surging news reporters, in the future, Li Ning will continue to “burn money” in scientific and technological research and development, improve product function research and development and technological innovation, and integrate sports products with fashion elements, continue to improve professional product matrix, and enhance the proportion of professional products.

“Serving the public with sports”

“I hope that through our efforts, I have contributed to the development of sports and contributed to the development of the Chinese sports industry. This is also my special mission as a athlete to do business.” Li Ning has expressed such in public more than once in public.Business attitude.

In the recently released responsibilities, Li Ning Group also showed their efforts in social responsibility.

In 2023, Li Ning continued to increase the investment of Chinese youth sports. In terms of basketball, by building the platform of Li Ning Basketball Academy, supporting the Chinese and secondary school school basketball league, and working with the Yao Fund Charity Competition, etc., it inspired the development of Chinese youth basketball and youth sports.Essence

In the field of table tennis, provide professional sports equipment guarantee for national youth and national and young, participate in National Youth Youth, National Young Training Camp, International Training Camp, etc., and promote more sports exchanges.

In the field of badminton, from professional to the masses, from professional to the masses, from competitions, teams to platforms to build, it covers all aspects and helps Chinese youth badminton.

Jimmy Butler came to the village BA.

Not only that, in July 2023, Li Ning signed a basketball player Jimmy Battler to appear at the scene of “Village BA” in Taipan, Taijiang County, Qiansheng, Guizhou Province, and ended with the local U16 groups of young people in the game, becoming the first visit.NBA star of “Village BA”.

In addition to promoting the development of grass -roots sports and youth training, Li Ning Group is also practicing corporate social citizen responsibilities.

In August 2023, during the flood and geological disaster of Typhoon “Du Surui”, Li Ning donated 25 million yuan of materials through the China Women’s Development Foundation to support Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei rescue and post -disaster reconstruction.

In December 2023, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in Jishi Mountain County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu. Qinghai and Xinjiang were also affected by disasters. Li Ning Company once again donated cold and warm materials worth 20 million yuan through the China Women’s Development Foundation.

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