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May 26, 2024

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Mark Cavendish Extends His Career by ‘One More Year’ with Astana-Qazaqstan

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Despite announcing his retirement from road cycling in May, the 38-year-old athlete has inked a one-year deal with Astana-Qazaqstan. Consequently, the accomplished sprinter will have another opportunity to pursue the record for the most Tour stage wins, a record he currently shares with the Belgian legend Eddy Merckx, both at 34 victories.

“I love riding my bike,” he said. “I spoke to the kids; they said carry on.”

Cavendish added in a video on his team’s social media: “So here we are – just one more year.”

The 2024 Tour de France begins in Florence on 29 June, but Cavendish will race the whole season for Astana.

Cavendish was forced out of this year’s race on stage eight by a crash in which he sustained a broken collarbone.

“Obviously it wasn’t the finish I hoped for, crashing at the Tour de France, but it is what it is,” he said.

“We grew incredibly as a team at Astana – it felt like a real family. So much so, the first thing Vino [team boss Alexander Vinokourov] said when I crashed was: ‘Why don’t you do another year?’

Mark Cavendish Extends His Career by ‘One More Year’ with Astana-Qazaqstan

“I initially thought, ‘No, no,'” Cavendish remarked. “It wasn’t just about recovering from a collarbone injury, but also rebounding from another injury… I was prepared to retire.

“At the time, I felt content with that decision, but as I continued to ride this summer… I found myself rekindling my passion for cycling.”

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