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Morning Reading 丨 April 25th, pay attention to health every day

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【Health Reminder】Can't eat moldy fruitsMany people in life are based on the principle of "not waste food". They see that the goo

【Health Reminder】

Can’t eat moldy fruits

Many people in life are based on the principle of “not waste food”. They see that the good fruits are reluctant to discard the local rot.Registered nutritionist Xue Qingxin reminded that moldy fruits are not recommended to eat.

Fruit will produce and accumulate a lot of fungal toxins after corruption. These toxins will also exist in the surrounding tissue of rotten parts to varying degrees.For example, after the fruits such as apple, pear, peaches, and peaches are corrupted, the amount of penicillin will gradually increase. This toxin is a neurotoxin, which will lead to urgent/chronic food poisoning in the consumers.Symptoms such as diarrhea and other foods are symptoms of food, and they have teratogenicity and carcinogenicity.Therefore, the best way to deal with fruits is the whole discard.

【Medical Exploration】

Micro -tumor model helps to personalized accurate treatment of lung cancer

In a study in “Cell -Stem Cell”, scientists have established 283 tumor -like cell clusters (PTCS) models of 283 non -small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients to help personalized and precise treatment of lung cancer.

Based on this model, scientists carry out the sensitivity testing of chemotherapy drugs and immunotherapy. After verification of the results of clinical forward -looking dual -blind trials, the accuracy of PTCS predicting drugs is 89%, which fully shows that PTCS has a huge clinical clinical clinical clinical treatment in NSCLC’s personalized and precise treatment.Application potential.The micro -tumor PTC model, as a new, non -matrix glue and reproducible clinical model of tumor micro -environment. At present, it has been successfully applied to the clinical drug effects of patients with gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and other patients.Sexually guide individual chemical treatment of tumor patients.

【Disease Prevention and Control】

Anti -thrombosis, try to eat 4 types of food as little as possible

Thromes are considered “silent killer”, with high incidence and strong hiddenness.Gu Chuanling, deputy secretary -general and registered nutritionist of the Capital Health Nutrition Food Society, pointed out that daily anti -thrombosis, try to eat the following 4 types of food as little as possible.

Salt: High -salt diet will increase the risk of hypertension, increase the blood pressure continuously applying pressure on blood vessels, increase atherosclerosis and thrombosis risk.Foods rich in saturated fatty acids: such as fat, lard, butter, coconut oil, palm oil, saturated fatty acids will increase the level of “bad cholesterol”.Foods containing trans fatty acids: such as pastry, triple coffee, cakes, trans fatty acids not only increase the “bad cholesterol” level, but also reduce the “good cholesterol” level.Foods with high cholesterol content: If blood lipids have abnormal blood lipids, especially blood cholesterol, it is recommended to eat less cholesterol -rich foods.

【Medical Progress】

Gourd Wa Pharmaceuticals sulfate sulfuricate inhalation inhalation inhalation inhalation is approved

Huluwa Pharmaceutical announced that the company’s sulfuric acid teduhide inhalation inhalation was approved for listing and used to alleviate bronchial spasm merged by bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and other lung diseases.child.

According to the data query of the official website of the State Drug Administration, as of now, in addition to Huluwa Pharmaceuticals, 19 companies including Hunan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jinyao Yongguang (Hebei) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Health Yuan Haibin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Get approved.Sulfuricate is categorized as chemicals in the 4 category of inhalation in suction inhalation. After receiving approval, it is evaluated by the consistency of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs.As of now, Huluwa Pharmaceutical has invested a total of 4.856 million yuan in R & D costs (unaudited).

【Knowledge Update】

The higher the level of the TIL, the better the end of the breast cancer

A study published in the “American Medical Association Magazine” found that early three -negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients with high -level tumor infiltration lymphocytes (TIL) in the tumor have not received chemotherapy, they may have a low risk of recurrence andHigher survival rate.

The study was incorporated into 1966 patients for analysis.The median age of patients is 56 years old, with 55%of TNBC.The median follow -up time is 18 years.The results of the study show that after the age, tumor size, lymph node status, tissue classification and radiotherapy treatment, the high level of TIL levels and no invasive disease survival, no recurrence period, distant disease -free survival period, distant non -remote end -freeThe recurrence period and total survival rate are improved.In addition, every 10%increase in TIL levels, the risk of survival incidents without infiltration diseases decreases by 8%, the risk of incidental incidents decreases by 10%, the risk of distal disease -free survival incidents decreases by 13%, and the risk of incident incidents from remote end is reduced by 13%.%, The risk of death is reduced by 12%.

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