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June 20, 2024

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Netizens in Changchun Construction of "Education Strong City" passed attention through "fingertips" through "fingertips"

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People's Daily reporter Ma JunhuaEducation is the plan of the country and the party.Changchun City adheres
People’s Daily reporter Ma Junhua
Education is the plan of the country and the party.Changchun City adheres to education priority development, runs the people’s satisfactory education, and accelerates the transformation of Changchun from the “Education City” to “Education Strong City”, helping to fully revitalize the first breakthrough.
In recent years, the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have conscientiously implemented the party’s education policy, focusing on the goal of “strong education cities”, and measured by the introduction of high -quality educational resources, improving educational infrastructure, and improving teachers’ treatment.Education has achieved obvious achievements and changes.
Relying on the “Changchun People’s Proposal Collection” activity, netizens have made suggestions on the construction of “strong education cities” in Changchun City, and “fingertips” are advised to provide suggestions for high -quality development of education.
Promote the overall development and improvement of education through education and teaching assessment methods and concepts
“It is recommended that schools change the evaluation method of students’ learning situation: student scores will be accumulated from the established target literacy ability (30%)+the scores (30%) of the accumulation of accumulation of existing homework and the completion of activity tasks+each subjectThe test scores (accounting for 40%) are composed of three parts. “Netizens suggested that the overall quality and ability of students can improve the overall quality and ability to improve the overall quality of students by changing the evaluation of students’ learning.
In this regard, netizens put forward specific suggestions:
1. At the beginning of the school, give each student a list of established learning literacy ability this semester. For example, this semester recite 5,000 words of Chinese classic content to get 10 points this semester accumulation; recite 30 ancient poems at one time; The review of the knowledge points of each subject, the complete 15 -semester accumulation score is obtained.
2. Read the classic Chinese classic content for 15 minutes every morning to get 10 minutes of accumulation scores; set 1 hour of free reading lessons per day, and get 10 minutes of accumulation scores in one semester; repeat 1 article every day, and get 15 semesters in 1 semester semester.Accumulate scores; do 100 push -ups per day to get 15 minutes of accumulation scores; in the third grade start to write a score of 15 minutes of accumulation of 15 points per day.
3. At the end of the semester, the test scores of each subject account for 40%of the semester scores.
Promote the overall physical fitness improvement of students in Changchun City and perseverance
“At present, the academic pressure of youth is high, and parents pay too much attention to academic performance, which leads to a decrease in outdoor activity of young people; generally take transportation to replace walking and cycling, which will reduce the amount of exercise in students’ lives, and the overall physical fitness of the students will bePhysical constitution is the basic support of hard work and struggle, and also the basic support of willpower.
对此,网友建议除了学校日常的体育锻炼,在设置安全防线的基础上,让学生每周进行2—3小时的体能拓展训练,比如,进行跨桩、高板跳台、独木桥、低桩网、Carrying tires such as tires to enhance physique and perseverance to form a strong physique and perseverance.
Netizens suggest that the government supports the construction of some expanding training facilities that enhance physical fitness and will, open related physical training venues, provide rock climbing facilities, etc. to enhance students’ physique and struggle spirit.
Promote students’ learning confidence and learning fighting spirit improvement
“Each student is quantitatively encouraged and motivated by the teacher to promote the improvement of students’ learning confidence and the improvement of learning fighting spirit.” Netizens said that a child will be encouraged and not encouraged to learn the development results.Encouragement and help children will have a sense of strength, confidence and fighting spirit, and courage to overcome difficulties.
Netizens suggested to promote students’ learning confidence and learning fighting spirit in three ways:
1. Teacher quantitatively encourages, motivates, and helps students. Every week, the teacher discovered and told the students that a good advantage or thing to do well. The teacher and the students formulate a learning plan to give specific learning methods.
2. The government supports compilation teachers to motivate students’ ways and discourse manuals, which will help improve the effectiveness of each teacher’s encouragement and encourage students to actively grow and develop.
3. The school’s appraisal of the teacher’s assessment is changed. Teachers encourage the workload of students and parents to become a component of work performance and part of the performance assessment.
Focusing on the “Juggling Construction” one center and five highlands’, accelerate the construction of the “3rd rpm, the top 4, and the 7 new” modern industrial system, and strive to compose the high -quality development of Changchun and the new chapter of sustainable revitalization “, what else do you have, good, goodSuggestions are welcome to participate in the “Changchun People’s Proposal Collection” activity.
The people’s suggestion will last until October 31.The collected suggestions have been released on the People’s Daily Online and Changchun. Valuable suggestions are implemented and rewarded.
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