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June 20, 2024

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New Chinese style of Taiping Bird: Traditional collision fashion, soft meet of toughness

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The new Chinese series of the Taiping Bird Summer Skirt shows the "her strength" in the EastConfidence, softness, independent and tough, dreaming of

The new Chinese series of the Taiping Bird Summer Skirt shows the “her strength” in the East

Confidence, softness, independent and tough, dreaming of highlight all the way, the new Chinese chapter of the Taiping Bird Summer Skirt is officially opened.Drawing the essence from traditional classics, Taiping bird explores the inner highlights under the elegant rhyme of Oriental, and interprets “Eastern Power” with the aesthetic aesthetics of modern fashion.The new summer of 2024, the new Chinese dress, integrates traditional Oriental art to modern fashion silhouettes, just as the unique temperament of Oriental women is soft and peaceful, and toughness.

Quick highlight elegant and upward

Along with the new Chinese series of the Taiping Bird Summer Skirt, the new Chinese blockbuster, which was performed by the spokesperson of the Women’s Brand of the Taipingbird and the spokesperson for women’s clothing brand, was released.In the blockbuster, Zhang Jingyi, who is also present, is dressed in a hand -painted artist Daria Song series of dresses. She is in the Chinese landscape gardens.Picture.

“No need to borrow, I am highlighting.” This is an important factor in Chinese classic through thousands of years and long -lasting, and it is also a life attitude that the Taiping Bird’s summer high skirt is eager to share with women.

Through the new Chinese series, Taiping Birds and Zhang Jingyi explore the light of women with unique oriental charm, and talk to the world that coexist women’s soft and tough coexistence to the world.”The light makeup is always suitable”, and it is free in the middle of the way.

Oriental Yayun is flexible and blooming

As the traitor of traditional Oriental aesthetics, Taipingbird is carved, giving fashion a new Oriental Yayun.In the summer of 2024, the new Chinese dress, the Taiping Bird United Artist Daria Song, inspired by the urban garden rhyme (Taiping Bird’s Nest Building) as the inspiration, take traditional elements such as pine, koi, green bamboo, and auspicious clouds, integrate into the thinking of modern women, soConnect the past and present new narrative canvas.The new Chinese -style series draws on the classical essence of the Eastern Oriental, takes the shape of the ceramics, the silk satin, the skirt is golden ratio, the fabric is flexible and delicate, the dangling luster, with the finishing touch of Chinese small stand -up collar, exquisite buckle, etc. The design details show everywhereRetro Modern Charm.

At the moment of rapid changes, the new Chinese series of Taipingbird builds classics with ingenuity, paying tribute to tradition with an ultimate oriental aesthetic, resonance inheritance.The new Chinese series of the Taiping Bird Summer Skirt has now been launched in various offline stores and Tmall small black boxes. I look forward to working with more women to go to highlights, soft blooming, tough growth, and release of Eastern her strength.

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