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May 24, 2024

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——The China Postal Savings Bank Yingtan Branch High -tech Sub -branch is renamed and relocated to the new address openingRecently, China Postal Savings Bank Yingtan Branch High -tech Sub -bra

——The China Postal Savings Bank Yingtan Branch High -tech Sub -branch is renamed and relocated to the new address opening

Recently, China Postal Savings Bank Yingtan Branch High -tech Sub -branch was renamed and relocated to the new site. The new site after the relocation of the branch is located in the Eagle Tan High -tech Development Zone.By renovation upgrades, it will provide better and convenient financial services for individuals, enterprises and other customers with full enthusiasm.This is another pragmatic measure to accelerate outlets in the Yingtan Branch of the Yingtan City in recent years, optimize the service radius to expand financial services, and enhance the external image.

The internal decoration of the outlet hall is spacious and bright, reasonable space layout, and the scattered functional partitions, bringing a new comfortable and convenient financial service environment to citizens, and more highlighting the humanistic care and innovative services of the bank.The outlets also newly increased the wealth management zone, providing more high -end and professional services for citizens with wealth management.Professional enthusiastic financial teams, intelligent financial machinery, more humane, intelligent, experienced, and scenario service systems, and make every effort to create a “better customer” financial service platform.At the same time, High -tech Sub -branch will also provide more diverse, efficient and convenient financing services for various enterprises in the high -tech development zone to help them expand their business and innovate development.

Since its establishment of the Yingtan City Branch of the Postal Savings Bank, based on regional development, from exerting its own resources, combining the efficiency of outlets and urban regional development, formulating a practical and effective development plan, closely combining financial consumer financial needs, and continuously optimizing the regional layout of the outlets area, Better coordinate the development of branches and social and economic development.

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