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May 26, 2024

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President Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of music and culture in building bridges of communication

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Emphasizing the importance of music and culture in building bridges, President Xi Jinping has encouraged close exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American artists to contribute to humanistic exchanges between the two countries.

Xi made the remarks in a recent letter to Matthias Tarnopolsky, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Orchestra. The Philadelphia Orchestra is currently visiting China to mark the 50th anniversary of its historic 1973 visit.

Xi said he was pleased to learn of the orchestra’s 13th visit to China and its series of performances with Chinese partners. He is confident that this will continue the half-century of musical friendship between the people of China and the United States.

The orchestra’s “ice-breaking trip” 50 years ago was an important moment in the normalization of relations between China and the United States. Since then, the orchestra has visited China many times and played a positive role in promoting the development of relations between the two countries.

Half a century has passed, and I believe this performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra, the China Symphony Orchestra and singers from various countries will undoubtedly go down in history.

Xi emphasized that music transcends national boundaries and culture builds bridges.

President Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of music and culture in building bridges of communication

I hope that the Philadelphia Orchestra, together with artists from China and the United States, will write a new chapter of China-U.S. friendship and world friendship through mutual respect, mutual learning, mutual dialog and mutual tolerance. Wonderful.

The Philadelphia Orchestra was the first U.S. symphony orchestra to visit China after the founding of New China in 1949, and its most recent visit was in 2019. Tarnopolsky recently sent a letter to Xi Jinping, recalling the history of the symphony’s exchanges with China and describing the symphony’s most recent visit to China.

Speaking at an event in Beijing on Wednesday, Tarnopolsky said it was the cooperation between Chinese and American partners that made the visit possible.” We are here because we are convinced that music can express thoughts and ideas that words cannot.”

Davide Booth was one of the 14 members who took part in the visit. The 73-year-old violinist was also a member of the 1973 visit to China that helped unveil China to the United States and vice versa.

“At the time,” Booth said, “I never thought about how important this visit was and how it would affect my life.” I now sometimes compare it to planting a seed that we see germinate and grow into lush vegetation.

The Philadelphia Orchestra’s visit to China is a testament to the enduring power of music to bring people together and build bridges across cultures.

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