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May 24, 2024

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"Rihui Leaping" Citizen Fitness Center: Leave the best resources to the citizens

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"Fortune into the treasure, the deep love, the peak duel, the dart throw ..." In Xuhui District's "Rihui Yue" Citizen Fitness Center (hereinafter referred to as: "Rihu

  ”Fortune into the treasure, the deep love, the peak duel, the dart throw …” In Xuhui District’s “Rihui Yue” Citizen Fitness Center (hereinafter referred to as: “Rihui Yue” fitness center) In the anniversary of fun sports and rafflers, a variety of carefully designed sports make residents eager to try and bring unique sports feelings to residents.

  ”Six -in -one” multi -sports service leveraging the development of fitness integration of national fitness

  As the first cooperation project of Xietu Street and Jiushi Sports Center Company, since the “Rihui Leaping” fitness center was officially launched on March 17, 2023, it has always been based on creating sports and fitness with all ages, openness all -weather, all -weather, and joint community linkage.Sports space.On the basis of the four projects of elderly fitness home, citizen fitness station, table tennis and smart equipment experience, the “Rihui Leaping” fitness center has continuously expanded sports space and enriched project experience, providing citizens with sports+medical, sports+sports+Kangyang, sports+schools, sports+culture, sports+technology, sports+public welfare “six -in -one” multi -sports services, and quickly win the extensive gain of surrounding residents with the advantages of “distance convenience, serving the people, and benefiting the people”.Approve that it has become a model room and golden business card for the native fitness streets to carry out national fitness.

  In the past one year, the gym of the people at the door of the house has received more than 95,000 citizens, and the average daily reception of more than 260 citizens.The “Rihui Yue” fitness center has been reported by many media such as the Central Radio and Television Station, CCTV, and other media.Pilot units of national fitness model street construction.

  ”Sports+” new positions of life format leave the best resources to the public

  The government work report in 2024 proposed that the construction of sports facilities around the masses should be established to promote extensive development of national fitness activities.Not long ago, the “Key Points of the Mass Sports Work in 2024” issued by the General Office of the State Sports General Administration also proposed that in -depth implementation of the “National Fitness Place Facilities Improvement Action”, promote equalization of basic public services, build small fitness centers, small sports parks, small fitness fitnessFacilities, mass skating rinks, county -level multi -functional sports fields, etc.The stadium has become an important position for the masses to carry out sports and fitness activities. It is the basic hardware to provide public sports services. It is an important aspect of enhancing the people’s sense of gain, satisfaction, and happiness.

  It is worth mentioning that the “Rihui Leaping” fitness center also has more than 20 public welfare courses such as children’s martial arts, basketball, pattern roller skating, and adult yoga for different sports groups.Team selection, various sports experience courses, competitions for national, and civilized life cover more than 50 public welfare activities covering all ages, helping the “15 -minute fitness circle” to continuously improve and extend, so that the movement continues to integrate into the lives of citizens.The relevant person in charge said that the “Rihui Yue” fitness center will also launch a series of new sports projects to provide more comfortable, intelligent and diverse places for community residents and sports enthusiasts.

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