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May 24, 2024

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Sports guarantee "rescue" and set up the first sports (venue) sports rescue special committee around Sichuan around you

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Photo Conferring in Sichuan Sports BureauChuanguan News reporter Xue JianOn March 22, the reporter lear

Photo Conferring in Sichuan Sports Bureau

Chuanguan News reporter Xue Jian

On March 22, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau that the Sichuan Provincial Sports (Stadium) Sports Rescue Specialist Committee, which mainly serves the safety of mass sports events in the stadium, was established in Chengdu. This is also the first nationwide.Special Committee for Safety of Mass Sports in the venue.

In recent years, as the popularity of national fitness has continued to rise, various national fitness events have become richer, and the number of participants in various types of sports has continued to increase.Taking the marathon as an example, nearly 100 related activities in our province each year.At the first scene of the event, what the masses needed the emergency staff, emergency process drills, and emergency plans for emergency personnel before the game; the scientific operation of emergency movements and rescue in the game; physical and psychological assistance after the game.

The Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau found in the previous investigation that there are still certain loopholes and deficiencies in the current safety management of sports events in our province, such as: mountain cross -country, fighting, comprehensive fighting, wing flying and other emerging sports projects.Form mature technical standards and specifications, risks are in a continuous exposure stage, and supervision is difficult; some projects need to be updated and adjusted in a timely manner according to the new situation and new issues; in actual work, some regulatory departments also exist in sports event activities.During the incident and after -the -after -to -post supervision responsibilities, the implementation of inadequate implementation of supervision.To this end, the establishment of a professional sports (venue) sports rescue team is particularly urgent.

According to the Sichuan Sports Bureau’s plan, after the establishment of Sichuan Provincial Sports (Stadium) Sports Rescue Specialty Committee, the first sports (venue) sports rescue team in the national sports field will be established and instructed to help the city (state) sportsThe venue has successively established a local sports rescue team to form a professional sports rescue system that links the province’s stadiums and integrate emergency rescue resources in the province, and protects the extensive mass competition activities.In the future, the Sichuan Provincial Sports (Stadium) Sports Rescue Center will also be established, and the registration of the civil affairs department will be registered to carry out the specific business of sports emergency rescue in compliance., Call; emergency linkage system construction.Prevention intervention, emergency rescue preparations, emergency response, and reconstruction of emergencies, emergency rescue preparations, emergency response, and reconstruction involving production safety and natural disasters.

At the ceremony of the establishment of the special committee, the Sichuan Provincial Sports (venue) Sports Rescue Special Committee’s flag and emblem logo also displayed the Sichuan Provincial Sports (venue) sports rescue special committee.

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