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May 24, 2024

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Sugar, wine …. New movement

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In addition to alcohol, some net red specialties are also favored by participating audiences."This year's sugar and wine

In addition to alcohol, some net red specialties are also favored by participating audiences.

“This year’s sugar and wine party is super -expected.” Yang Chaohui, general manager of Harbin Volkswagen Meat Food Co., Ltd., said that Harbin’s red intestine is a local gift for local characteristics. This year’s “Erbin Hot” has led to the sales of the product.At this year’s Sugar and Wine Club, companies have received the attention of many customers and have gained a lot of orders.In order to participate in the sugar and wine clubs, the company deliberately launched a new product of pear grilled round ham.

“This time it mainly brings the 47 ° full series of vacuum fresh food corn products and 47 ° six -water fragrant rice and quick -frozen products in the north latitude. The atmosphere of the negotiation at the exhibition site has reached our expectations on the first day of negotiation.” HeilongjiangAn Anxin, director of the marketing director of the 47th Green Organic Food Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the Shanghai Securities News reporter.

Exhibitors: The negotiation effect is better than expected

“There are more people in this exhibition. Customers who have launched the first day of the exhibition are all coming to reach the intention of cooperation.” Wang Xianghua, an exhibitor of the Shandong booth, told reporters from the Shanghai Securities News.

The staff of the booth of Fujian relatives Co., Ltd., a leisure food brand company, told the Shanghai Securities Journal reporter that the company’s participation was mainly to explore new customers.On the first day of the development, customers from the United States and Mexico came to consult the products. There were more than 20 people displayed on the group that day, which was much better than expected.

At present, healthy and original foods are valued at the exhibition.An Jianxin said that the current consumer demand is more diversified, and people’s attention to health is getting higher and higher.Agricultural products are closely related to the healthy daily diet. People have more and more demand for non -rotary genes, no agricultural disability, no additional, safe, reliable, fresh and delicious high -quality green organic agricultural products.

In the wine and international spirits exhibition area, practitioners told reporters that more and more Chinese consumers have improved their awareness of wine, and their quality requirements are getting higher and higher, which has also attracted international manufacturers to increase the Chinese market.

Wu Haohui, the head of the Zewei family booth who participated in the sugar and wine club for the sixth time, told the reporter of the Shanghai Securities News that the current market has become more and more standardized, and the brand has begun to sink.Taller.

“I can feel that international manufacturers value the Chinese market very much, and its expansion in China is relatively strong. For example, some foreign importers will go directly to China this time. This is what has not appeared in the past few years.”The person in charge of Zhuang Zhantai said.

The “2024 Chinese Food Consumption Trends White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as “White Paper”), jointly released by the Organizing Committee of the National Sugar and Wine Commodity FairWith the development of the industry, “security and prices” are becoming the cornerstone of the industry.Above this, innovation of “healthy, delicious, convenient, emotional” is accelerating iteration, providing consumers with more product choices.

White Paper: People, goods, fields of food consumption

Reshape in change and innovation

“This year, we analyzed new changes in consumers, consumer goods and consumer venues in the field of agriculture and food from three different perspectives from people, goods, and fields, and insight into the new trend of industrial trends.”Shi Bo, secretary of the party committee, said.

According to the White Paper, people, goods, and fields of Chinese food consumption have been reshaped in change and innovation.Specifically, from the perspective of human perspective, rapid changing Chinese food consumers rational and emotional interweaving.In terms of rationality, it is a balanced and pragmatic health and cost -effective attention, and the emotional aspect is to return to self -experience and the demand for the price ratio.

From the perspective of goods, Chinese food consumer goods that are innovatively accelerated to iterate break through the border of food function.The specific manifestation is that the impact of health cognition deepen, the continuous circle of delicious and innovation, the convenient and fast product optimization, and the full expression of emotional value.

From the perspective of the field, the consumer market with frequent growth points reshapes culture, services and channel values.The online channel scenario accelerates extension, and the service -oriented e -commerce e -commerce and interesting interests that focus on service efficiency have risen together;The model will become a component that food consumption cannot be ignored in 2024.

Zhou Qiren, a professor at Peking University Boya Lecturer and Professor of Economics at the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, said during the sugar and wine club that my country’s catering industry is one of the world’s most competitive industries.With the continuous advancement of the global layout of some domestic companies, the supply chain, service chain, and information chain of the domestic catering industry have also moved towards the world.

“Faced with the current economic situation, if the catering industry in my country wants to break through, we must first do it, and continuously improve from details and seek lean to achieve high -quality development of industries and technology. At the same time, we must start with the global layout and here. During the period, maintaining its own uniqueness and originality, and achieved differentiated competition with the opponent. “Zhou Qiren said.

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