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May 24, 2024

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Suzuka Circuit renews F1 contract, moves up Grand Prix date

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Formula 1 fans rejoice! Suzuka Circuit, a favourite with drivers and fans alike, has renewed its contract to add another five years to its place on the F1 calendar. The exciting news comes ahead of the 7 April 2024 Japanese Grand Prix.

Suzuka Circuit renews F1 contract, moves up Grand Prix date

Season change:

For the first time ever, the Japanese Grand Prix will be held early in the season, a change from its traditional end-of-season slot (with the exception of 2007-2008, when it was hosted by Fuji Speedway). This change coincides with the FIA’s efforts to harmonise the F1 calendar to make it more sustainable. As a result, Suzuka will kick off the Asian leg of the championship, situated between the Australian and Chinese Grand Prix.

The fans’ favourite has endured:

Compared to 2022, the 2023 Grand Prix weekend saw a significant 10 per cent increase in attendance, attracting 222,000 spectators. This strong performance underlines Suzuka’s enduring popularity within Japan and the international F1 community.

Next Steps:

With the contract extension finalised and the Grand Prix date confirmed, fans can eagerly anticipate witnessing the thrill of world-class drivers racing around the iconic Suzuka circuit in April. The early race date adds a new dimension to the season and F1 fans will be waiting with bated breath to witness who will triumph at the legendary circuit.

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