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The industry is shuffled!Six departments jointly released new regulations, rectify prefabricated dishes

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At the national level, a document is issued to clarify the definition and scope of prefabricated vegetables.Tit

At the national level, a document is issued to clarify the definition and scope of prefabricated vegetables.

Title: Midjourney

Author: Jin Yan

A joint post from the six departments is stirring the entire prefabricated industry.

On March 21, the Six departments of the General Administration of Market Supervision jointly issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Prefabricated Food Safety Supervision and Promoting the High -quality Development of the Industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”).Subscribe clear requirements for vegetable safety supervision, promoting the construction of prefabricated dishes standard systems, etc.

A stone aroused thousands of waves, and the industry was widely concerned and discussed.What new hard core rules are released by this “Notice”?Officials make clear requirements for prefabricated dishes, and formally opened up the governance of prefabricated dishes, does it mean that the prefabricated vegetable industry is going to change?

Six departments jointly released new hard core rules,

The country’s norms on prefabricated dishes officially kicked off

In general, the “Notice on Strengthening Prefabricated Food Safety Supervision and Promoting the High -quality Development of Industry” jointly released by the six departments is proposed around the four major aspects:Clear requirements.

Detailed requirements are not described here too much. In this “Notice” alone, several points mentioned will be shared with you here.

First, the definition and scope of prefabricated dishes.The “Notice” clearly states that prefabricated dishes that can be eaten after heating or cooked are prepared without cooking without cooking without cooking, which are edible agricultural products and do not belong to prefabricated dishes.It does not include staple foods, such as quick -frozen rice noodles, convenient food, box lunch, lunch, steamed buns, pastries, meat crickets, bread, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, etc.In other words, prefabricated dishes must have dishes attributes.

It is worth noting that the “Notice” also mentioned that the dishes made by the central kitchen are not included in the scope of prefabricated dishes.The official explanation of this is that considering the widely used central kitchen model for chain catering companies, its self -production and net dishes, semi -finished products, and finished dishes delivered to their own stores shall meet the laws and regulations and standards of food safety.

However, it should also be noted that the central kitchen model mentioned in the new regulations is that the food company produces and deliver it to its own stores.In other words, the central kitchen products of chain food companies have no problems for their own use, but if you want to enter the market, you need to pass relevant regulations and strict processes.

Second, no preservatives are not added, which is also a highly debated point in the content of the “Notice”.According to the “Notice”, the prefabricated dishes are based on one or more edible agricultural products and their products as raw materials, use or do not use seasonings and other auxiliary materials, and do not add preservatives.It is made of molding, frying, frying, baking, cooking, steaming, etc.). It is equipped with or not with seasoning bags, which meets the storage, transportation and sales conditions marked by the product label.

In response to this, the official said in questions from reporters that food additives “do not need to add”, “to reduce the use of food additives in food” has gradually become an industry consensus, and prefabricated dishes pass throughStorage conditions such as frozen, refrigerated, and sterilization processing processes, and have no technical necessity of preservatives.It is stipulated that no preservatives are added to prefabricated dishes more in line with consumer expectations, which will help the high -quality development of the prefabricated vegetable industry.

Third, the “Notice” is particularly emphasized that the prefabricated dishes should be explicitly displayed in the promotion of catering links.In response to the current use of prefabricated dishes in the catering links, consumers are required to publicize the use of prefabricated dishes to ensure consumers’ right to know and choice.

In general, the new rules for prefabricated dishes are undoubtedly developed for consumers’ attention, and they also respond to some issues that catering merchants and prefabricated vegetable companies are generally concerned.With the clarification of various standards, the next supervision will inevitably become stricter and stricter. As mentioned in the “Notice”, the future regulatory authorities will strictly implement the “four strictest” requirements to strengthen the prefabricated food safety.Supervision

The country’s norms on prefabricated dishes may be officially kicked off.

The era of strong supervision is coming,

The prefabricated vegetable industry will usher in a large reshuffle

Nowadays, as the prefabricated vegetable industry has entered the era of strong supervision, many people in the industry have also begun to predict that the subsequent reshuffle of the industry will also intensify and enter the stage of large waves.

After all, from the perspective of the entire industry, in the past few years, prefabricated dishes have been soaring.From food companies, to catering companies … there are many players in the market, and everyone is grabbing the track of prefabricated vegetables. The industry is developing hot.Public data shows that there are currently more than 70,000 prefabricated vegetable processing enterprises in my country, and the output value of prefabricated dishes in 2023 has exceeded 500 billion yuan.

But at the same time, the industry has grown brutal, and there have been many chaos.

For example, the prefabricated meter prefabricated dishes exposed by the 3.15 party recently used inferior grooves as raw materials.According to reports, in Fuyang City, one of the main production areas of prefabricated dishes, some enterprises use unprecedented handle to make plums and meat buckle prefabricated dishes.From the perspective of many local merchants, it is already public secret to replace pork belly to make pork belly with poor -quality slug head meat.

Going forward, many companies have been exposed, using a large number of preservatives and other additives to achieve the goal of making prefabricated stages longer, but the products produced have potential risks to human health.

Shao Ming, a famous chef who transformed into a prefabricated vegetable research and development and entrepreneurship, said that the development of prefabricated dishes cannot be allowed to grow brutal growth.”The prefabricated vegetable industry requires the establishment of rules and bright bottom lines. Due to the lack of national standards and unified industry standards in the industry, the threshold for entering banks is low, and there are many practitioners but uneven quality.”

Today, the introduction of new regulations, to a certain extent, make up for the lack of industry standards, and will be deterrent to chaos such as counterfeit and inferior imitation, no logo information, and raw materials cannot be traced.At the same time, it will accelerate the process of large waves in the industry and bring the re -“shuffle” of the prefabricated vegetable industry.

From the perspective of the provisions of “cannot be used in” cannot be used in the new regulations “, the state stipulates that adding preservatives to ordinary foods is possible without exceeding the standard.However, the new regulations clarify that prefabricated dishes do not add preservatives, which means that the requirements for prefabricated dishes are higher than ordinary food, which will clear a number of prefabricated vegetable companies with backwardness, illegal illegal regulations, and hidden safety hazards.

For the strength companies that are deeply cultivated in the prefabricated field, no preservatives can also be used to improve the shelf life of food with vacuum packaging, nitrogen fill, low -temperature cold chain transportation, and sterilization technology.

It is not difficult to produce delicious prefabricated dishes, but the production of stable quality, stable food safety, delicious and cheap prefabricated dishes have put forward higher requirements for enterprises in various aspects such as cooking, freshness and transportation.

After experiencing brutal growth, now encountering the industry’s norms and reinforcements again, the entire prefabricated vegetable industry will inevitably develop towards the direction of “bad coins are clear and good coins occupy the upper hand”.

I want to make consumers rest assured,

There may be a distance

As mentioned earlier, with the introduction of the new rules, small and medium -sized enterprises at the tail of the supply end are crowded out, and resources will be concentrated in large head brands, which will drive the entire prefabricated vegetable industry

But what will happen to the demand side?As we all know, the consumer market of my country’s prefabricated vegetables has always been mainly B, and the proportion of the restaurant’s use of prefabricated dishes has reached 80%.

Today, the “Notice” is clearly produced by the chain restaurant.Cai, the brand can greatly show that consumers have shown that their stores do not use prefabricated dishes.

In addition, this momentum will inevitably affect the conviction of more catering brands to build a central kitchen.

Some insiders in the catering industry said that the new rules do not include the dishes produced by the central kitchen into the scope of prefabricated dishes. It undoubtedly fully considers the actual situation of the catering industry and helps to promote the further popularization of the central kitchen in the catering industry.

However, in a deeper point of view, a simple document does not dispel long -term consumption cognition.Consumers do not know the production of central kitchen themselves. In many consumers subconscious, they still think that the production of central kitchen is prefabricated.

Therefore, how to make consumers a new understanding of the dishes produced by the central kitchen in the future, and truly dispel consumer concerns, for catering brands, there may be a long way to go.

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