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May 24, 2024

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The popularity of Qingminghua Tour Search has risen more than 5 times that of Nanjing, Beijing, and Wuhan.

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Qingdao News Network, March 25 (Reporter Zhang Liwei) The Qingming small holiday in 2024 approached, and my country's tourism market showed new

Qingdao News Network, March 25 (Reporter Zhang Liwei) The Qingming small holiday in 2024 approached, and my country’s tourism market showed new vitality and growth points.A few days ago, Tongcheng Travel released the “Report on the Trends Trends of the Qingming Little Holiday Travel in the 2024” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”).The data shows that the young and long -term holiday tourists are mainly traveling around. Some travelers travel to Gansu, Xinjiang and other destinations through holidays to extend their holidays.Flower viewing is the hottest keyword of the Qingming small holiday. In addition, various local cultural experiences have also attracted tourists.

As of March 20, the city city with the most popular tourist destinations in Qingming’s long holidays was Nanjing, Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanchang, Jinan, Xi’an, Tianjin, Chengdu, and Changsha.Among them, Nanjing and Wuhan attracted a large number of tourists with their profound historical and cultural heritage and spring flower viewing spots; Beijing, as a tourist destinations combined with culture and modern entertainment, continued to maintain high popularity with popular attractions such as Beijing Global Resort.

In addition, traditional cultural theme activities in some cities have become the hot spot of tourism consumption for Qingming small holidays.Among them, the 2024 Jinan Flower Festival opened on March 23 and continued until May 6. Its national style, Hanfu, traditional markets, and poetry cultural activities promoted the rise in Jinan tourism search.The data shows that the popularity of the Tourism during the Jinan Qingming holiday rose 62 % year -on -year.Scenic areas such as Nanjing Mochou Lake, Changsha Tongguan Kiln, Nanning Acacia Town, etc. have also launched the Hua Chao Festival activities to start new gameplay of “cultural flowers”.

In the Qingming holiday of 2024, Chinese tourists continued to explore emerging destinations.Go to Jingdezhen to burn glass and learn ceramics to become a new way to explore the “porcelain capital” for young people. Travelers will expose various types of ceramic or glass products made on social media to share the sense of accomplishment of the journey.Tongcheng travel data shows that this year Qingming’s small holiday Jingdezhen’s tourism popularity increased by 331 % year -on -year.Last year, Yanbian and Zibo’s tourism popularity continued. During the Qingming small holidays of the two places, tourism popularity increased by more than 200 % year -on -year.Weihai, Qinhuangdao, Huangshan, Datong, Jinzhou, Diqing, and Tianshui have also entered the top ten of this year’s Qingming small holiday destination.Among them, Yunnan Diqing became popular with the “Shangri -La” tourism IP, and Gansu Tianshui Spicy Spicy Hot Network became popular on the eve of Qingming, making Gansu Tianshui a “dark horse” destination this year.With their own unique natural scenery and cultural heritage, Weihai, Datong, Jinzhou and other cities have become a new choice for tourists to pursue deep travel and personalized experience.

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