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May 24, 2024

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The longest -lived old man in Xinjiang’s "Five Changshou Villages in the World" is 117 years old.

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On the occasion of the spring of March in Yangchun, a tourism product promotion meeting with the theme of "Towery Kunlun, Moving Silk Road"

On the occasion of the spring of March in Yangchun, a tourism product promotion meeting with the theme of “Towery Kunlun, Moving Silk Road” was held in Shanghai, which attracted the attention of many tourism companies.Essence

This promotion meeting launched a number of new products in Xinjiang and Gan Ning’s northwest, including cultural experience, natural scenery and leisure vacation and other themesEssenceAmong them, the cultural tourism line with the main line of Kunlun Mountain is particularly noticeable.Xinjiang Construction Corps14Tian Tian, director of the Cultural Sports, Sports Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau of Shi Kunyu CityThe Kunlun Mountain Grand Canyon Asian Scenic Area and the Sand Sea Veterans Memorial Museum are specially promoted.She said that the Asian Scenic Area of Kunlun Mountain Grand Canyon attracted many tourists to explore with its magnificent natural scenery and deep historical and cultural heritage.The Shanhai Veterans Memorial Hall is a sacred place that remembers history and inherits the spirit, and records the older generation soldiers soldiers.18Sky cross the Taklama -Gan desert, advance into Hetian, and adhere to the touching story of the frontiers and build a home in a difficult environment.

There are many fun places in the vast northwest of the region.Located in the Altay area of Xinjiangs country5ACocoa cocoa has not only has a magnificent natural scenery, but alsoA famous world geological park.Known in the worldof140MultipleIn the mineral, there is a sea of cocoa86There are many species, and the sea sapphire, garnet, and emerald are the specialties of the cocoa sea.Per year5Monthly peace8Month, the Kazakh people hereShepherds will rush thousands of big tail sheep to turn the shepherd,Every sheep is going1000Only the kilometer mountain road can complete the transfer twice,This is also a more distinctive ethnic nomadic culture,Tourists can visit the scene and participate in folk characteristics“Chaxiu” feast experienceEssencePer year10Month to the following year6At the beginning of the month, the pink snow all over the cocoa sea also made it an excellent ski resort here.

Xinjiang magnificent scenery.

In the Karajo Scenic Area, Xinjiang, the vast mountain grassland, the magnificent Kuke Su Grand Canyon and the beautiful human grassland are amazing.The only gossip city is full of mystery and charm; it is located in the southern edge of the Taklama Ganan Desert and the Rayu Su Village in the northern foot of Kunlun Mountain.One of Changshou Village,The longest -lived old man in the village has already117Old age, in the future, it will become a “ecology+Recuperate+Tourism “base.

At the promotion meeting, Zhang Daoshun, the founder of West America’s tour, analyzed and shared the development trend of the future tourism market, and launched four series of products including Pinmei Series, Yuemei Series, Xiangmei Series, and Huimei Series.To meet market demand, West America Journey Union Coco Totito, Karazon Prairie, Zhangye Danxiakou Town co -founded a delicate travel shooting base to create for touristsThe beautiful experience of “Fixed once, remembering a lifetime”;Deeply excavate national culture, and established an immersive Kazakh National Cultural Exhibition Project that integrates participation, experience, learning, and interaction in Xinjiang——Passea feast, let tourists experience the Kazakhs in the laughterFolklore and culture.

Xinjiang’s fruits are particularly sweet.

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