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May 24, 2024

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Today, the "Shandong Education Release" APP is online for the second anniversary!

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The pointer of time returned to 2 years ago.On April 26, 2022, the official client organized by the Educat
The pointer of time returned to 2 years ago.

On April 26, 2022, the official client organized by the Education Department of Shandong Province–“Shandong Education Release” appFormally launch.Since then, the province’s education system has a new publicity position.


The “Shandong Education Release” APP collection information distribution, government affairs openness, interactive service, communication and other functions and other functions are one of them. It is an important result of the construction of Shandong Education and Education Media.Sexual events.Since then, the Shandong education system has a “autonomous, authoritative, instant, and comprehensive” education information release platform.
“At this moment, encountering Shandong Education” is the beginning of entering the “Shandong Education Published” app, and it is also the pursuit of the “Shandong Education Release” app.Based on the land of Qilu, focus on Shandong education, and take the bridge of communicating with the public. Here, we will realize the unification of Shandong education information.
In two years, more than 700 days and nights, the “Shandong Education Release” APP started from scratch and gradually grew …

The propagation matrix continues to grow

In accordance with the principle of “batch access, dynamic management, and unified power and responsibility”, more than 1,200 accounts settled in batches and relevant units have been set up in batches.APP brings together a variety of types of information flow, builds the Shandong education system propaganda matrix, has become the distribution center and the main publishing platform of the province’s education information, and it is also an important platform for the work results of schools in various places.

The service function is constantly improved

Adhering to the goal of “building a one -stop platform for Shandong Education, integrating multi -functions such as news, government affairs, services, and educating people”, it provides graphic, audio, video, live broadcast, interaction and other multi -media education communication products and services.At present, more than 30 channels have been opened, more than 70 planning topics, and more than 200,000 published information. It shows the vivid practice of Shandong education development and reform in all directions, allowing users to easily understand the education information of schools in various places, become close to teachers and students, understand teachers and students, teachers and students, Important channels for propagating teachers and students, serving teachers and students.

The effect of propaganda is continuously improved

Adhere to the concept of “propaganda is also a large flow of productivity and positive energy”, deeply cultivate high -quality content, aggregate and improve the communication effect, the number of fans is increasing, and the scope of communication is getting wider and wider.The total number of views has been nearly 100 million times, and the propagation, guidance, influence, and credibility have been continuously improved, and it has become an important force for Shandong Education to promote the construction of a new ecosystem of the Internet.


Over the past two years, every step that the “Shandong Education Release” APP has gone through each of the highlights of the highlights, the joint efforts of colleagues in the province’s education propaganda front are inseparable, and they are inseparable from the majority of users’ love for the platform.Thank you with you, accompany you all the way!

Today, the “Shandong Education Release” APP will be the second anniversary of the new starting point. It is close to user needs, improves platform functions, and strives to create Shandong education propaganda brands!


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