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May 24, 2024

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Tourism of flowers, walking on the green, and watching folklore give birth to the "beautiful economy"

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With the warmth of the weather, 130,000 acres of rapeseed flowers in Wuyuan, Jiangxi entered the flowering p

  With the warmth of the weather, 130,000 acres of rapeseed flowers in Wuyuan, Jiangxi entered the flowering period, and became interesting with the Huipai private houses, attracting many tourists to come to spring.

  From January to February of this year, Wuyuan County received 3.557 million person -times, an increase of 14.3%year -on -year, and the comprehensive revenue was 3.11 billion yuan.

  The concept of landscapes operates agricultural tourism to give birth to a “beautiful economy”

  CCTV reporter Zheng Weiwei: This is the Lingling Village of Wuyuan, Jiangxi. I am now in the sea of flowers of Gaoshan rapeseed. These rapeseeds have just begun to bloom. It is expected that its flowering period will continue until mid -April.

  This year, there will be 130,000 acres of rapeseed flowers in Wuyuan County. The local breeds are planted in the local area to extend the rapeseed period.The rapeseed terraces located in Lingling are one of the most spectacular scenes in the spring of Wuyuan.

  Zheng Weiwei, a CCTV reporter in the General Taiwan: In the spring of Wuyuan, the rapeseed flowers in the mountains all the villagers were dressed up. Many tourists wore traditional costumes and lived in ancient and ancient homestays.The golden flower sea and the Hui faction of the pink wall Dewiri are interesting, forming a gorgeous spring light map.

  Since 2019, Wuyuan County has also collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to plant rapeseed flowers such as “Gan Oil No. 8” and “CNPC 19”, which will meet more tourists’ flowering needs.

  Cao Jinzhong, president of Jiangxi Wuyuan Lingling Cultural Travel Co., Ltd.: There are three pieces of Huahai, one is the plain under the mountain, the second is the terraced field opposite the ancient village, and the other is the Gaoling terraces.Different colors of rapeseed.

  In recent years, Wuyuan County has used flowers as a matchmaker and empowering cultural tourism. The establishment of special reward funds of 1.5 million yuan is established to encourage and guide farmers to grow rapeseed flowers with the concept of planting landscapes.New ideas for tourism in the whole region have spawned the “beautiful economy” through flower viewing.

  Night colorful folk acting rich tourist travel experience

  In Wuyuan, Jiangxi, the rapeseed flowers in spring have attracted many people to travel.As the night fell, wonderful art performances also continued to enrich the travel experience of tourists.

  Zheng Weiwei, CCTV reporter of the General Taiwan: How to check in the rape of rapeseed every day?What is currently underwent is a performance called “Hom in Dreams”. This realistic performance is based on Wuyuan’s historical and cultural, with moonlight stars as the curtain.The return of the soul.

  The night fell, the hundreds of thousands of acres of rapeseed flowers in Wuyuan faded the color, the mountains and rivers were lit by lights, and the Huiyuan’s traditional characteristics of the Huiyuan traditional characteristics of the Huiyuan’s traditional features were staged in a wonderful performance.The heavy Huizhou culture allows the audience to immerse themselves to experience the local customs of Huizhou.

  In the ancient streets of the scenic area, nearly a hundred people’s fish lantern teams also began to patrol, which was very lively and fascinating.

  Zhao Changjun, the head of the hometown of Wuyuan Mengli: a series of non -heritage folklore night tour products such as the national style song and dance, the patrol of ancient rhyme flower cars, and opened a new model and new consumer scenes combining the combination of traditional cultural acting arts, realizing tourists and last year.The same period was about 8%.

  Taiping Lake Shine Cherry Blossom Garden Economic Increase Increase

  In the past two days, in the Taiping Lake Forest Park in Maitreya, Yunnan, the beautiful cherry cherry blossoms blooming all over the mountains are like a rose satin on the ground.

  From the desertification wasteland many years ago to the popular tourist destinations today, the governance of Taiping Lake Forest Park relies on the ecological beauty of “spring flowers and green in summer” to drive the surrounding people to increase their income and become rich.

  At this time, near the Taiping Lake Reservoir in Mimi, Yunnan Province, thousands of spring cherry blossoms and more than two million beautiful cherry cherry blossoms bloom, which is interesting.Pink pink daisy is embellished with green space, as well as Huang Chancan’s yellow flowers, Suzuki, and more than 100 acres of wood spring chrysanthemums in full bloom, attracting many tourists to come to spring to enjoy the scenery.

  In addition to the beautiful scenery of the sea of flowers in the garden, tourists can also pick various fruits and vegetables in the nearby organic vegetable and vegetable gardens.Not only do you have to attract customers, but also stay.Local actively enhanced the park’s hardware facilities, and the wooden houses and RV camps have been built one after another, so that the tired tourists can stop, live for one night, and fully enjoy the forest atmosphere of natural oxygen bar.

  The Taiping Lake area belongs to the Karst landform. This land was used to be a deserted mountain. It created a garden economy through ecological restoration, paving the way, and moving the wooden house.At the same time, it has also led to the booming development of the surrounding villages and realized the beautiful vision of Green Water and Green Mountain.

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