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May 24, 2024

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Zhonggong Education releases the first stop of international education service strategy to go to Hong Kong to study vigorously

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On March 22, Zhonggong Education released news that it announced the comprehensive opening of international

  On March 22, Zhonggong Education released news that it announced the comprehensive opening of international education service strategies, focusing on international vocational education, international talent training and other business areas, returning to user needs as the center, layout of the “Belt and Road” initiative to create for Chinese users to createPersonalized and international talent solutions.

  On the same day, Zhonggong Education and the Puhui Hong Kong Academic Center held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.The two parties will jointly carry out business and guidance, vocational and technical education and training, research, and study tourism.

  The relevant person in charge of Zhonggong Education stated that with the changes in the international situation and the demand of Chinese families, while China Public Education continues to improve its core service capabilities, it also expands new business areas, innovate services and products, and helps the company’s business transformation and upgrading.The innovative cooperation between Zhonggong and Puhui Hong Kong Reception Center is the first stop of the company’s international education service strategy.

  As a highly prosperous international metropolis and world -class free port, Hong Kong’s international vision, bilingual environment, and international exchange opportunities are favored by mainland students.According to the statistics of the visa of the Hong Kong Immigration Office to Hong Kong, the number of students who went to Hong Kong in Hong Kong in 2021 had reached 37,087, an increase of 19.16%year -on -year.In addition, Hong Kong’s talent introduction policy is also closely introduced. In October 2022, the Hong Kong SAR government launched a series of policies in recruiting talents, including the extension of non -local graduates to stay in Hong Kong/return employment for employment from one year toTwo years, two years.Based on this, the needs of mainland students to study in Hong Kong and Japanese dramas have increased.

  It is reported that the business development of Zhonggong Education will use the long -term accumulation of enterprises in the field of education, long -term accumulation of vocational education, and channel advantages covering the country to provide one -stop education services such as test preparation, application, evaluation planning, and vocational guidance. In addition, it will also exploreEducational services with the deep integration of the AI field to comprehensively ensure the study, life and career development of students studying in Hong Kong.At the same time, Zhonggong will also jointly carry out business in Hong Kong to travel to Hong Kong with the Puhui Hong Kong Academic Center, as well as business in Hong Kong students to go to the Mainland to guide and employment guidance to deepen the interactive exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong education fields.

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