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May 24, 2024

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About Us

Hello, I am a member of the ScoreboardKing team and I am honored to introduce you to our professional services in the field of hockey game consulting.ScoreboardKing is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the game of hockey. We have gained extensive experience and expertise in the field of game scoreboards and hockey game management.

Our team of passionate and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting and support for all levels of the hockey game. Whether you are a professional league, amateur club or school tournament, we are able to tailor the right solution to ensure the game runs smoothly and to the best effect.

When it comes to match scoreboards, we offer state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs to ensure that you get accurate scores, time information and other relevant data at the match. Our scoreboards are not only powerful, but also user-friendly and easy to operate. We can also customize it to suit your needs for different games.

In addition, we provide comprehensive consulting services for ice hockey games. Whether it is game planning, venue setup, referee organization, or game statistics and analysis, we are able to provide professional advice and support. We understand all aspects of the ice hockey game and are willing to work with you to promote the development of the game.

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MLS Football Jersey