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May 24, 2024

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China’s large -scale market provides rich scenarios and market environments for the iteration of business models

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Original title: China's large -scale market provides rich scenarios and market environments for iterative business modelsCCTV News

Original title: China’s large -scale market provides rich scenarios and market environments for iterative business models

CCTV News:On March 25, at the “Symposium on Global Economic Growth Trends” at the 2024 China Development High -level Forum, many economists repeatedly mentioned a keyword “new kinetic energy” around the Chinese economy.Where is the new kinetic energy “new”, and what structural changes are the Chinese economy going through?How about continuous stable growth trends?

From the perspective of long -term study of China’s macroeconomic economy, the new kinetic energy of China’s economic growth comes from the continuous expansion of residents’ consumption.

Yang Weixing, deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said that the government work report in 2024 will have the “basic” of “resident income growth and economic growth” in the expected goals over the years.The delete of the word highlights the determination and policy orientation of the country’s faster growth of residents.

Wang Yiming, former director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that the current new industries, new models, and new formats have accelerated, and China will continue the fundamentals of continuing and stable growth.At the same time, the gathering of various elements is also changing.From the perspective of human capital, the total amount of human resources and R & D personnel in my country still ranks first in the world, and the demographic dividend is changing to human bonus; the capital element has been shortage in the past, and now it has become relatively abundant. China ’s annual capital forms account for accounts for accounting. The proportion of the world is close to 30%, which can provide sufficient investment in economic growth.

Wang Yiming said that China’s R & D investment has maintained a double -digit growth for 7 consecutive years. The investment intensity reached 2.64%in 2023, exceeding the average level of OECD (Organization) countries, and China’s economic growth model is changing.

In Wang Yiming’s view, China’s role in global production networks will gradually increase.He listed several UN commodity trade statistics.At present, China’s middle -quality trade accounts for more than 15%of the global intermediate trade trade, ranking first in the world.The manufacturing intermediate product trade accounts for 20%of the global proportion, and China is becoming an important hub for the global supply chain.

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