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May 24, 2024

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The Yushan Library of Haikou Elementary School in Zhunan Town provides a refreshing reading environment

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[The Epoch Times, March 25, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Chen Wenmin Taiwan Miaoli) Yushan Bank and Yus

[The Epoch Times, March 25, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Chen Wenmin Taiwan Miaoli) Yushan Bank and Yushan Volunteer Social Welfare Charity Foundation, assist in the establishment of the Yushan Library of Haikou Elementary School, Zhunan Town, MarchOn the morning of the 25th, the unveiling and opening up, the county magistrate Zhong Dongjin hopes that a brand new library can deeply cultivate reading education, enhance the reading atmosphere of teachers and students, and promote the community, so that the Haikou area exudes the aroma of the book.

The “Yushan Gold Seed Plan” promoted by Yushan Bank has long -term assistance to build libraries with lack of resources, creating a comfortable and warm reading environment, letting children fall in love with reading, and in the sea full of imagination and creativity.The Haikou Elementary School Library is the 8th Yushan Library of Miaoxian and 183rd in Taiwan.

The old library on the second floor of the Haikou Elementary School, the hardware equipment is old, and the line design is poor. After the Yushan Bank and the Yushan Volunteer Foundation have raised about 3.5 million yuan to assist in the renovation, remove the original tall bookcase and increase reading to increase readingThe space and line design are more convenient for teachers and students to use, creating a simple and refreshing style. The semi -circular step -type co -reading area is novel in style and can be used for E -ized reading teaching, so that Haikou students have a practical and comfortable reading and learning environment.

The opening ceremony of this morning was unveiled in the Yushan Men’s Office Orchestra and Haikou Elementary School Dance Performance.Opening, Mrs. Chen Chaoming, Mrs. Chen Chaoming, county councilors Ye Zhonglun, Chen Bihua, Qiu Yuxing, and Chairman of the Zhunan Town Congress He Xiumian, etc., all were invited to attend this reading feast.

The county magistrate Zhong Dongjin and the principal Tu Qiuying presented the gratitude of the Yushan Volunteer Foundation respectively. Thanks to the foundation for helping Haikou Elementary School to build a beautiful and comfortable library for the students to welcome the sea of books and learn happily.

County Mayor Zhong Dongjin pointed out that the central government has approved the subsidy of 12 million yuan to purchase book funds. The county government cooperates with 10 million yuan, totaling 22 million yuan.Whether it is history, humanistic biography, sketching and other books, it can change temperament, enrich knowledge, and enrich people. Thanks to Yushan Bank and Yushan Volunteer Social Welfare Charity Fund to assist in the establishment of Haikou Elementary School Library to allow lack of resources and readingThe environment is not as good as the children in the metropolis, and they will not lose at the starting point. I also look forward to this brand -new library that can push the reading atmosphere to the entire community, so that the Haikou area will exude the aroma of the book.

In order to maintain the quality of reading, the Yushan Foundation also provides thousands of new books to enrich the collection. In the future, it will also collect fixed subsidies for electricity and book purchase, and regularly assist in repairing libraries.

Lin Ronghua, senior deputy general manager of Yushan Bank, said that the book is a good friend of everyone, and the development of reading habits has been used endlessly.The school makes the future better.

Yushan Foundation from the 19th to 113rd of the Republic of China, 8 Guo Xiao Yushan Library set up in Miaoxian: Dapu, Xinnan, Haikou, Toufang Town Xinxing, Touwu Township, Touwu Township, Miao City Datong, and MansionTownship Gutu, Yuanli Town guest village.

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